The Diary Game : Rabu, 14 January 2021Singapore's most exotic niche attractions recommended

No.1 Singapore Internet celebrity photo location——

Raffles lighthouse (RAFFLES LIGHTHOUSE)


This is a lighthouse at Pulau Satumu in the Singapore Strait, about 14 kilometers south of the main island of Singapore. Although it is usually not open to the public, it is mysteriously elusive

The lighthouse has been in operation since 1855 and is still in charge of shift staff. It takes about 1 hour to get to Raffles Lighthouse by boat from Marina South Pier. Or you can take the green line to the terminal tuas link, exit B and walk for about 5 minutes.

In the evening, you can also climb to the top of the lighthouse and look at the sunset in the distance.


At night, the quietness here may make you think that the world is still, as if you are somewhere in Australia, maybe you have to pinch yourself, it turns out that this is not a dream

Unfortunately, you can't pop up the Instagram camera to record the beautiful scenery at any time, so spare no effort to freeze the whole picture in your own eyes!

Location: Coney Islet

No.2 The best place for parent-child outdoor activities on weekends-Jurong Lake Garden (Jurong Lake Garden)

The Lakeside Garden is the western part of Jurong Lake Gardens, and it is also a mecca for Instagram celebrities in Singapore.

Here, you can pretend to be in the countryside and feel everything in the countryside, quiet trails, lush fields

Passing through the green grassland, it is said that this is the best place to take portraits with concave shapes. The punch value is max!

In addition, there is also Lone Tree with full artistic conception, which looks like a tree, but it is not a tree!

It is a sculpture made of recycled iron rope, which is environmentally friendly and beautiful at the same time

The photos taken are also full of beauty and texture. If you can't wait for the weekend, go and check in!

At the same time, there are amusement parks, water parks and sand play areas where children can free themselves.

Kayaking and pedal boats for water sports are also specially prepared for kayaking enthusiasts.

Location: yuan ching Rd

No.3 Chinese and Japanese Garden


If there is already a place where you can enjoy the scenery of China and Japan, why bother to drag your body to go abroad? Here you can experience the exotic customs

There are gardens with Chinese characteristics, lush bonsai and tree shade, which makes people want to settle here. However, settlement is not good, and free tours are possible.

By the way, those who like birds can also play with them. Let go of the stress of work and life for a while and feel the charm of nature here. Of course, you can also take beautiful photos here.

Location: Chinese Garden Rd Singapore 619795


Fort Canning Park is known as the Central Park. The Second World War broke out here, making it one of Singapore's important historical landmarks.

In the depths of the park, there is a mysterious and huge cave known as the "Dragon's Cave".

The huge spiral staircase hovered down, and the lush, towering trees above the sky looked like the green skylight in Alice in Wonderland from the bottom up. If it's sunny, the dappled light and shadows scattered on the ancient stone steps through the leaves are as beautiful as an oil painting.

The Pancur Larangan here is also known as the Forbidden Mountain Spring. Does it remind you of the Tirta Empul temple near Ubud, famous for its sacred spring water

The only difference may be that there is no way to enter the reconstructed 14th century, Java-style bathroom for cleaning, but you can still feel the atmosphere of Bali in the garden, which is similar to the gate of heaven in Bali

When I walked here, I felt like I was in Bali, feeling the romantic and charming atmosphere unique to the tropics.

Location: River Valley Rd Singapore 179037


No.5 A good place to hike on weekends & niche shooting sites——

Little Guilin in Bukit Batok used to be a quarry that supplied most of Singapore’s granite needs until it was abandoned in the 1980s. Over time, rainwater was collected in depressions, turning the quarry into a lake.

Until 1984, the Housing and Development Committee developed Xiao Guilin into a park, allowing us to see the scenery of China's Guilin and the limestone karst mountains. Unfortunately, there was no boat tour.

On weekends, you can invite friends and family to come here for a picnic, enjoying the beautiful scenery and eating homemade delicacies. It is really a beautiful meal!

Location: Bukit Batok East Ave 5 Singapore 650242


No.6 Punggol Beach (PUNGGOL BEACH)

If you don’t want to waste time in your sleep after sunset, you might as well find a place to take a walk and watch the sunset. Punggol Beach is a good choice.

Not only can you enjoy the magnificent scenery from the beach or the observation deck, you can also ride a bicycle and feel the slight breeze of the sea breeze.

And there is also wake surfing here to play wakesurf, friends who like surfing can come here to catch a wave. After September the price is $150-160 per hour.

Feeling all this, I thought I was in Thailand or Malaysia, and I went abroad without paying for air tickets. I think it’s so beautiful!

By the way, there is also a Coney Island not far from Goose Island. Although it is not big, it has the illusion of stepping into a primitive forest in North America.


After coming out, take a walk along the road and ride a bicycle, very chill.

Location: 22 Punggol Road-Track 19

No.7 Bukit Timah Saddle Club


Step into the countryside of Singapore at the quaint Bukit Timah Saddle Club

Learn how to ride a horse and ride a cross-country track to see different sights of Singapore’s "Greenland"

It's best not to sleep in here. It will be more comfortable here in the early morning. It seems to move to Greenland in an instant!

Location: 51 Fairways Dr Singapore 286965

No.8 Seletar North Link (SELETAR NORTH LINK)

It provides a dreamlike lake view, which is probably why couples choose to take their wedding photos here!


Looking at this photo, you might think that you are enjoying the peaceful scenery in Canada or New Zealand, but single dogs should be cautious. Otherwise, they are all for dog food.

But I really want to experience the scenery of New Zealand, and maybe I can meet the right people.

Location: 22 Seletar North Link 797607


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