The Diary Game - Jumat, 15 Januari 2021The hawker center has successfully applied for the heritage, savor the taste of time and favor in every "small business"



My Singapore "National Canteen"

Recently, Xiaoxin received a good news

"National Dining Hall" in Singaporeans

The Hawker Center successfully applied for the legacy

Officially listed as UNESCO

List of World Intangible Cultural Heritage

In other words

Now in Singapore

Three meals a day can be solved in "intangible cultural heritage"


Hawker centre

Want to really understand Singapore

Must walk to the hawker center

Various hawker centers in Singapore

A collection of diverse cuisines


In almost every Singaporean’s heart

Have their favorite food in the hawker center

Have their own private house lists that are not easily disclosed

Hawker Centre in Singapore

Has an important position that cannot be replaced

Called "Singapore National Canteen"

Even the prime minister often goes to the hawker center to line up to buy food


Photocredit: Singapore illustrator Ago @kowfong

👉 Swipe left and back to visit the hawker center

For locals

In addition to being a grounded food gathering place

It’s also a place to experience human feelings

Say hello to the stall owner you know

Talk about life and daily life

Pinpin's familiar taste as always

This is a unique pastime for locals

At the hawker center

Many stalls have been passed down for generations

The stall owners inherit the craftsmanship with ingenuity

Adds to the food in hand

How many years and the taste of human affection



The Prime Minister also happily stated on Facebook

"This is thanks to our hawkers for generations

Without their contribution

There is no affirmation today"


Singapore has more than 110 hawker centres

Each has its own food and story

Hurry up with Xiaoxin

Several super popular hawker centers in Singapore

Lau Pa Sat

Located in the financial district, Lau Pa Sat has a history of nearly two hundred years and is Singapore's oldest hawker center. Built in the 19th century, Lau Pa Sat has a stunning octagonal appearance and decorative pillars. It was also listed as a national monument in 1973.


Nowadays, various local food stalls gather here. Satay grilled meat, prawn skewers, etc. are particularly famous, not only the taste is authentic, but the price is also quite affordable. Come here, order an authentic delicacy, and revel in the charm of the elegant old age. It is a must-choice itinerary for many "playful" tourists.

🚇Near MRT stations: Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Telok Ayer, City Center

📍Address: 18 Raffles Quay, Singapore 048582

Maxwell Food Centre

Maxwell Food Centre is a food centre popular among tourists in Singapore. It has more than 100 food stalls, and many stores have only operated one dish for decades. If you want to find the authentic delicacies recognized by the locals, you can't go wrong here.



It is listed as a must-eat "Hainan chicken rice every day" by tourists, "My wife Douhua" that can't help but packs a bowl after eating, and "Jinhua Fish Head Rice Noodle" that warms the stomach and heart... Here, always You can find delicious food to satisfy your taste buds.

🚇Close to MRT stations: Chinatown, Telok Ayer, Tanjong Pagar

📍Address: 1 Kadayanallur Street,

Singapore 069184

Detailed view of Singapore Tourism Board


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