Ten years of holding hands in Italy, a journey of love in Italy


On the tallest column stands the golden statue of the Virgin Mary, which was once the insurmountable tallest building in Milan. This is also a rare weather vane for Milan to judge good weather. It is said that there are not many days when the golden body can be clearly seen.


Walking on the roof terrace, surrounded by the spires of the pillars, seems to be walking through a stalagmite forest. Against the blue sky, the white marble is shining, leaning on the stone pillars, overlooking the fashion capital of the world, there is a sense of perspective through ancient civilizations and insights into modern fashion.

The day when I arrived in Milan was very high and the Virgin Mary was clearly visible. However, at the time of the World Expo, Milan once again became the “stage” of the world. Even the roof of the church was not spared. It must be held on this stage. Event. But for the church, the heavy steel structure is incompatible with the ancient architectural carvings. Unfortunately, it is inevitable.

The square in front of the church was crowded with people, and driven by the Expo, it was even more crowded. Tourists, vendors, and scaffolding all noisy the center of Milan. We can only visit here in a hurry and leave feebly. Milan is the benchmark of world fashion, and what we see is only Milan under the name of fashion.

Emanuele II Promenade

The Emanuele II Promenade is on the west side of the Piazza del Duomo, a shopping mecca in Milan, where luxury brands are available.
Walking into the promenade is the taste of luxury. Although luxury fashion has nothing to do with our trip, the promenade itself is a work of art that should not be underestimated, and one of the most beautiful commercial arcades in Europe. The ingenious stained glass ceiling and the exquisite dazzling mosaic floor echo up and down, making luxury not exaggerated here.

We drilled around in the crowds, struggling to find the legendary mosaic cow, performed the prescribed action, and turned three times in place to pray for good luck. Unexpectedly, the silver bracelet I bought for Maizi in Thailand ten years ago just disappeared here. After the heartache, I realized the causal relationship. Good luck must be related to wealth, and the impression of the city must be related to the travel experience.

After clearing up my mood, I set foot on the train;
Next stop,
The long-awaited Lake Como.

"Save money" Milan Cathedral is free to visit, no sharp weapons can be brought in, security controls are very strict, and the church does not have a storage service. Leave the Swiss army knife in the hotel in advance or store it at the railway station with your luggage. The roof at the top of the church is charged, and the elevator price is more expensive than the staircase price, and everyone gets what they need.
"Beauty Dress" Milan Cathedral requires that the dress should not be shoulder-length or knee-length, but Italy in summer is as scorching as the Central Plains. It doesn't matter if you wear less, a shawl can be transformed in a second.
"Saving effort" Milan Railway Station provides large luggage storage service. If you are only staying in Milan for a short time, luggage storage is very convenient
"Save money" Milan provides free wifi "Open Wifi Milano"
The "dancing bull" in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II), "dancing bull", uses the right heel to step on the bull and turn three times, representing good luck.

The Wizard of Oz Lake Como, meet George Bruni

I told Maizi: "The world is so big, we walk around and find a place to retire." Lake Como is such a place where people want to retire and live in seclusion.
Wandering in the lake by boat,
Overlooking the snow-capped Alps,
Take a closer look at the lakeside town,
Bow your head, see the bottom clearly, blue waves again and again,
The white swan hangs in the lake, looking for food.
Quiet harmony,
Made Lake Como become,
Taoyuan Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz,
Who knows if there are any elves hiding here.
Under the blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green water,
An endless feng shui scroll,
Suitable shades.
And we,
Become a real person in the picture.


Sitting on the ferry, strolling around Lake Como at will, the scenery on both sides of the coast is infinitely beautiful.

Lake Como is a glacial lake in the Alpine valley, one of the most prestigious resorts in Italy. The pocket-sized towns in the green mountains and rivers were once a must-see for the princes and nobles in the imperial period, and they spent a lot of money to build mansions. There are many unknown luxury villas here, connected only by waterways, and the privacy index is extremely high. Mr. Bruni’s villa is about 50 kilometers south of where we live, which proves that there must be more than the two of us who want to live in seclusion. Every time I see a seaplane hovering, I think it must be the rich man going home! Hanging around here, maybe you can really find a chance encounter.


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