Round the island in Venice


Venice-a spine mask, a 5-hour walk around the island...

Venice has many faces. Yesterday it was moving and today it was still.

Breakfast is served at the hotel, which is rich in content and rich in calories: bread with cream or butter, excellent flour quality, and a sense of peace of mind when you bite; glass bottle full of fresh orange juice; lovely light pink slices of ham ; Milky white bamboo shoots like cheese and cheese with holes, one salty and one mellow; the bright red strawberry jam, the pulp tastes gratifying; there is also a plate of freshly roasted, dry and crisp white bread slices, neatly yards on the side.

With a variety of combinations, just studying how to eat is exciting. Eat and drink enough, advance to the main island.


[Mask with soul]

Nanjiang has been friendly with Google Maps, and the speed of finding Piazza San Marco is much faster than yesterday.

Around the square, we stopped at a small shop specializing in making masks. It is introduced at the entrance that the owner of the shop is a famous mask artist, who has won many awards and received many receptions from important people.

I remember that Yu Qiuyu wrote an article about the Merchants of Venice. Different from Shakespeare's narrow and greedy appearance, Yu Qiuyu said that they are very spine and bow their heads to do crafts; they are happy when they meet people who know the goods, and those who bargain, go slowly and don't give them away.

I wonder if these masks are also tainted with this backbone?

Because the mask has become a symbol of Venice, there are countless shops on the main island, but most of them are products under the assembly line, with hollow eyes and exaggerated expressions. The two showcases in front of us are completely different: they are full of stories, seem to want to talk to others, or look like they are repellent and must not be attacked. Each mask is a painting and needs to be detailed:

This one is composed of three faces with different emotions; the blood-red tongue sticking out from under the crowded playing cards; and the one with gray-blue eyes hidden, which makes it uneasy to look at.

Each mask has a story and has its own soul.


Apart from masks, do you know what else is characteristic of Venice? Cuttlefish noodles!

【Cuttlefish Noodles】

When traveling abroad, ordering food is always a headache. Fortunately, the food that comes with it makes up for this pain.

The coveted cuttlefish noodles look like turquoise udon noodles, with a creamy but light sauce wrapped around the vigorous pasta. It tastes like fern root powder, and the rustling taste is pleasant. The bread basket necessary for every meal is Nanjiang's favorite.

Satisfiedly walked to the stone bridge in front of the store, a man with his son on the yacht under the bridge waved his hands and shouted at us excitedly, "おはよう!", the boy gave us a chubby hand on his mouth. Blow kisses.


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