From Italy all the way north, I came to Naples. I chose this place because of the pictures on the ins. Procida is one of them, and the other is Almafi, plus the ancient city of Pompeii. I was very fascinated, but the previous trips were always missed because of many chores, so there was no return date for this trip, and going to Pompeii became a wish to be fulfilled.

Pompeii Grand Theater



From Sicily to Naples by plane at noon, an hour’s flight time was wasted all day.
It is worth noting that many airlines in Europe need to print boarding passes online in advance. If they do not apply online in advance, the on-site application will cost 60 euros per person. In fact, they did nothing, just I printed a piece of paper for me, and it was charged 60 Euros. I checked that this airline company is Volotea in Spain. Friends must pay attention to this.
Arrival in Naples The hotel is already nightfall, and the day is over when the supermarket is strolling around to make some supplies.


Early the next morning, we set off to Procida, the internet celebrity of ins.
Use Google map to navigate to the pier not far from Castelnuovo Naples, buy a ticket from the pier and take a boat to Procida. Procida is a small island, the only means of transportation when taking a boat, every half an hour, there are fast boats, the speed boat is 14.4 euros, the boat trip is half an hour; if the slow boat is 12.6 euros, the boat trip is one hour. There are many ships going back and forth every day, so don’t worry about not catching up.
By the way, there are 7 ports in the Gulf of Naples. You can choose the closest port to you by cruise ship.


We took a boat from the Naples pier, and it took about an hour or so to reach this dreamy "healing" colorful fishing village.
The houses are colorful and staggered, like a castle in a fairy tale, exuding a charming style.
Procida is a volcanic island, although it is not large, only about 4 square kilometers, it is also the smallest island in the Campania archipelago, but when the sun shines on every corner of the island, it suddenly seems that the world has become peaceful And harmony.

Procida is different from Ischia's majestic and majestic, and also different from Capri's blue hole as well-known as the blue hole. It is a very unique island. It is fascinating.
Strolling in the streets and alleys, passing by the locals, you can feel the warm smiles of the islanders and make an unforgettable trip to the islands of the Gulf of Naples. It’s worth mentioning that there was a short section of the road to the top of the mountain under repair. Just when we couldn’t find the way, the locals enthusiastically showed me the way and took me a long way. The favor is even worse.


Coming to the viewing platform on the top of the mountain, you can look at the candy-colored houses that complement the blue of the Mediterranean. Perhaps in the eyes of the locals, it is just a small fishing village for survival, and it is not as famous as the Cinque Terre. But for us, this will be a great surprise. It is Procida.
The blue bay of Naples, the boats parked at the pier, the cascading colorful houses, and the lovely fairy tale world. There are so many people here, it's a visual paradise for you. The way to open here is simple and casual. You can bask in the sun, play in the sea, walk on the breezy pier, wander on the brightly colored paths, and see the Saint-Michel church and the birds The museum, all you see on the island are gentle and hospitable islanders, half of the slope is covered with macarons, very beautiful.


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