The Diary Game Season 3,How to eat around the Erawan Buddha in Bangkok?

Thailand is a world-class food paradise

What concept? In the latest 2019 Michelin restaurant recommendation guide, a total of 217 Thai restaurants are included. Among them, Bangkok is among the top students.


Bangkok's Ratchaprasong Erawan Shrine is the most convenient place for transportation, the best shopping, and the easiest place to check in with Michelin. Today, let's follow the latest 2019 Michelin restaurant recommendation guide and check in with all kinds of exciting foods hidden in Bangkok's Ratchaprasong Erawan Shopping District.

  1. About Ratchaprasong Erawan Shrine


We all know that there is a must-visit place in Bangkok-the Erawan Buddha. Because it is said to be responsive and very efficacious, so many tourists come here. There are many celebrities who go to worship, Nicholas Tse, Ren Dahua, Cecilia Cheung, Big S, Li Xiang, Yang Kun, Charmaine Sheh...
This is also Bangkok's premier business district, where eating, drinking, and fun are all top-notch, and dining is one of the colors.

In the dining world of Ratchaprasong Erawan Shrine, there are landmark-like restaurants that have been open for decades, and there are also Internet celebrity restaurants that have been blown by the wind and rain. The ancient and modern coexist, the diversified cultural composition of the Erawan Buddhism business district brings a diversified blend of tastes. So many businesses have come and gone here, but the waves are scouring the sand, and some restaurants have settled down in the hustle and bustle of word of mouth and footsteps, and they have become classics that people pass by word of mouth.

  1. Food map of Ratchaprasong Erawan Shrine
  2. An An Chicken Fried Kway Teow ANN KUAY TIEW KUA

·Recommendation reason·
Michelin recommended! Famous for its charcoal cooking, one of the must-eat noodles in Thailand

Chicken fried kway teow is an authentic street food, just like domestic egg fried rice. However, there are many differences between this restaurant and the traditional chicken fried kway teow. Of course, there are two brushes recommended by Michelin!


Their home is famous for cooking with charcoal fire, using the most traditional craftsmanship, and the most craftsmanship tested. You can witness the scene of how the pho is fried by the raging fire, and the aroma of the pho dancing on the hot pot makes people drool.

The noodles were fried so that they were crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It was very delicious. If you don't think it is cool enough, you can also add a little chili sauce to make this plate of fried noodles icing on the cake.

Here you can choose the texture of the kuey teow, which can be a little bit crunchy or a little softer. The degree of cookedness of the eggs can also be selected. If you want to eat raw or cooked, please ask the chef greatly. In addition, its price is very affordable, only 50-70 baht.


Whether it is the main store or the branch of the mall, their home has no off-season, no empty halls, and some are black and anxious queuing crowds.

Address: The Cook, 4th Floor Amarin Plaza
Per capita: more than 10 yuan

  1. 40-year-old recipe Thai-style marinated noodles

·Recommendation reason·
Michelin recommended! 40-year-old recipe, the world's best in the world of Thai-style braised noodles

The 40-year-old Thai-style marinated noodles are also the most missed flavor in the memory of generations of Thais.

The location of the main store is very far from Bangkok, and the place is not easy to find, but it is extremely popular, and it is well deserved to be the most popular in the area, which caused traffic jams. The boss moved to the mall in order to make it more convenient for more people to eat authentic one-bite noodles.

The secret of such a high popularity is that the ingredients used are the freshest, and the seafood is only used that day. Whether it’s noodles, pork, noodles, kale, or fried rice noodles, in order to ensure the crispy texture of the rice noodles, they are all fried and sold on the day.

The pork is very fresh and tender, and the stir-frying ingredients are quite particular. Finally, the base ingredients are added and boiled, and the taste is almost 80% immediately. The bland noodles are tuned into fresh products that do not lose to cattle and sheep.

If you want to go, you must try the pork or seafood flavors. It's not just a matter of just taking a bite into the soul.

Address: The Cook, 4th Floor Amarin Plaza
Per capita: more than 10 yuan

  1. Nai Auan Yentafo, Dahongmen old-fashioned Mr. Fatty Thai-style yong tofu

·Recommendation reason·
Michelin recommended by Jianghu Dean! A 50-year-old brand, using details to scrutinize the ingenuity.

This is a 50-year-old shop. Like its name, the signature here is a bowl of Thai-style yong tofu. The boss started from a small stall next to a big swing, and has been accumulating strength for more than 50 years.

A bowl of authentic Yentafo is famous for its pink soup. The coloring focuses on the sauce, which is similar to domestic red milk. It tastes like red glutinous rice and is full of sourness.

Their ingredients include bean paste, pork blood, fish cakes, meatballs, char siu, crispy and tongcai. The ingredients and weight look very solid. Fish balls are real fish, not starch, and without fishy smell. There are spherical, flake and tofu-like choices.

For decades, Nai Auan Yentafo has kept up with the times and upgraded its image. In Bangkok's most prosperous Amarin food court, opened a branch. The same ingredients, the same deliciousness, fully demonstrates its unique yong tofu.
Address: The Cook, 4th Floor Amarin Plaza
Per capita: more than 10 yuan

Come to The Cook, Amarin Plaza, you can eat three Michelin dishes, the price is affordable, don't miss it!

  1. Red Brother Water Gate Chicken Rice

·Recommendation reason·
Michelin recommended! A 50-year-old local brand that can make chicken rice superb

This store should be familiar to many friends, and all major strategies are highly recommended! It is a 50-year-old local brand with a long history. I think popularity is the best interpretation of how it tastes.

The handwork of the chicken rice is superb, soaking chicken in oil, boneless chicken and rice, etc., never cheating on the market. The chicken is delicious, the spring teeth are topped with lemongrass, southern ginger and other spices and put in a large pot of stewed chicken, which gives the chicken nuggets different flavors.

Their home is full-grained jasmine rice, which exudes a tempting scent of chicken oil, and the chicken has a smooth and chewy texture, which is very popular. The dipping sauce is the soul, and another bowl of strong chicken feet soup, every bite is full of fragrant mouth.

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