Food in Venice, Italy

Meat dishes

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Venetian cooking focuses on fresh fish, but there are also delicious meats.

Veal liver sauteed with onions | Fegato alla Veneziana

Fegato alla Veneziana

The presentation and taste of this dish are very Chinese. The calf’s liver is cut into small pieces or strips and fried with the cooked onions.

Veal liver sauteed with onions and polenta

Sometimes it is served with a little polenta. Unlike the porridge we usually drink, polenta is thicker and can even take shape.

Fresh fish

Red stewed sea eel | Anguille in umido

Anguille in umido

Sliced ​​sea eel, seasoned with herbs, white wine and tomatoes. The sea eel is slightly fat, so I don’t like this taste.
There is also a version without Pomodoro:

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Soft Shell Crab | Moleche

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This kind of small crabs are the most tender when they change their shells. After a little bit of frying, the soft shells can also be eaten together. They are crispy and delicious. When their shells become hard, they will not be caught for consumption.

This is a seasonal dish, and not every restaurant has it. I ate it at Bistrot de Venise in Venice last winter. I also introduced this restaurant specifically. Click the link below to view:
Visit Venice again | Experience the fragrance of Bistrot de Venise

Cuttlefish | Seppie al nero


Seppie al nero

This is similar to the famous Venetian dish-pasta with cuttlefish sauce, except that it does not have noodles, but instead uses cutted cuttlefish cooked in cuttlefish juice, usually with a little polenta.
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