Cosmic Nature Agreement and Blockchain Agreement

From the birth of Bitcoin to the development of the blockchain industry today, its natural technological and financial attributes have become the most important research direction at present. The field of financial technology has also flourished. We put aside the market ups and downs, from Explore the blockchain protocol from the perspective of cosmology.

Cosmic world agreement

According to the modern cosmological theory of our Earth human research, from the era of the Big Bang to the birth of our generation of Earth humans, we do not know how many reincarnations have passed. Based on the current human cognition, we cannot speculate what happened in this process. No relevant records can be found. We can only explore the laws of physics, develop technology, and explore the mysteries of the universe from the earth where we live.

Why is the universe an agreement?

The Milky Way has a poor rotation. The solar system revolves around the galactic center of the galaxy, and the earth revolves around the sun. For billions of years, it has used a certain force, magnetic field, or so-called dark matter that humans cannot explore, to check and balance the movement between galaxies and stars. It's like reaching a certain consensus, forming a certain law, and naturally forming in the universe, establishing rules, standards, and conventions.

Human imagination

From the harsh environment of hell to the homeland that mankind depends on, the earth is also following a certain agreement, naturally evolving forests, oxygen, ore, mountains and rivers and so on.

When our species of humans thrives, there is something called imagination, which constantly expands our horizons.

From the perspective of biological evolution, from a single cell to 250,000 years ago, the emergence of Homo sapiens made other animals of the genus Homo gradually lose their competitiveness, and our modern humans are the species of Homo sapiens that thrived and thrived. Since then, we have language, family, system, currency, country, globalization, Internet, and discovering the universe and space by studying the laws of physics. The existence of these things has changed from imagination to concept, and from concept to concept step by step The practical verification has become everything around us, and each of us is an experimenter to verify our imagination.

Israeli historian Yuval Harari’s "A Brief History of Mankind: From Animals to God" looks at the human group from the perspective of God. In the final analysis, our world is imagined by our human beings, and each of us is in Fighting for the world of your own imagination is nothing more than that, with the current global understanding and understanding, except for human beings, other species do not have such a rich imaginary world.

Blockchain agreement

Human beings have gone through a long process from the shell age to the current digital age. From the Internet era, we have the HTTP protocol. Let's take a look at the interpretation of the protocol in the digital field.

Protocol, English "Protocol", is a rule, standard, or agreement established for data exchange in the network, used for communication between entities in different systems.

In order for two entities to communicate, they must have "the same language", and there must be certain regulations for the content of communication, how and when to communicate, and these regulations are agreements.

It can also be simply defined as: a set of rules that control the data exchange between two entities. In the electronic communication connection, each different level has its own agreement.

As an extension of the Internet, or in other words, from the birth of Bitcoin, the blockchain truly opened Web3.0.

The transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 is to upgrade the rules of data exchange to the rules of value exchange. This is the paradigm shift from the mobile Internet to the value Internet, as well as the paradigm shift from centralized rules to decentralized rules.

to sum up

The research of a large-scale blockchain project must go through various attempts at the protocol layer during the barbaric period. The initial barbarity of the universe is also an extremely insecure protocol that no one can control. A game of tens of billions of years is formed before reaching a certain equilibrium. What we see is that if a certain equilibrium or agreement standard in the universe is changed, it will consume huge energy and a huge price.

The birth of the Bitcoin protocol has such characteristics. Since its development, no one can control it. Fork attacks are only a natural force of mathematical algorithms in the bit world. As time goes by, this protocol has become more and more secure and firm. , Automatic operation, if you want to change, you will pay a huge cost and price.

Blockchain practitioners should think more about Protocol instead of Product in order to develop the blockchain industry on the shoulders of Bitcoin.

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