Blockchain electronic signing boosts digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises

In recent years, the rapid development of the digital economy has become a new driving force for China's economic development. As an important part of the digital transformation of enterprises, electronic contracts have rapidly penetrated into all walks of life with the deepening of the digitalization of the industry.

Especially affected by the epidemic, under the background of increasing downward pressure on the economy, high labor costs, generally low production efficiency of enterprises, and weakening of market competitiveness, reducing costs and increasing efficiency has become a common topic for enterprises, and enterprises are digitizing The demands for transformation continue to increase.


In addition, in recent years, the continuous development of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and blockchain, and the continuous improvement of policies, regulations and related industry standards in the electronic contract industry have provided a powerful boost to the electronic signature industry, and electronic contracts have gradually entered the express train of development. Road, leading the acceleration of enterprise digital transformation, and gradually becoming a "rigorous need" for enterprise development.

After several years of steady development, "Sign with confidence" has developed into an influential professional blockchain electronic signing platform in China. Through the use of blockchain technology and self-developed invention patent technology, the signature combination of blockchain, electronic signing and judicial services can provide trusted identity authentication, reliable electronic signature/signature and district for governments, enterprises, institutions, individuals, etc. Blockchain deposit certificate preservation, copyright protection and other services, in the fields of government agencies, finance, supply chain, logistics, e-commerce, real estate, etc., can give full play to the advantages of compliance, safety, efficiency, convenience, cost reduction and efficiency improvement to help enterprises and institutions to achieve In order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, digital transformation.

Taking banks as an example, comprehensively considering various aspects such as risk management and control, laws and regulations, and cost savings, Reassured Sign provides banks with a complete set of mature, reliable and safe electronic signature and post-loan service solutions, realizing the signing of bank online lending business. The purpose of electronic, centralized, process-oriented, standardized management and platform cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of the Bank’s online lending platform effectively protects the legitimate rights and interests of all participants in the bank’s online lending platform.

By accessing the secure signing blockchain electronic signing platform, the online full-process service of the bank's online lending business is realized, while improving business efficiency and reducing corporate costs, while the data deposit and certificate preservation of the signing process can quickly deal with post-loan default cases and increase the platform. Deterrence also plays an important role in reducing the probability of default, which can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of both borrowers and lenders and the security of lending transactions.

Through the introduction of rest assured signing of blockchain electronic contracts, it is also a huge improvement to the company's information and data management capabilities. Replacing traditional paper contracts with blockchain electronic contracts, realizing multi-scenario online signing, reducing contracting costs, improving contract management efficiency, and bringing customers a brand-new signing experience, taking the lead in opening the electronic contract of the custom home furnishing industry.

In the future, Confidentiality will also continue to deepen the underlying R&D and application innovation of blockchain technology, continue to promote the formation of a social consensus on “blockchain+”, and accelerate the application of blockchain through pilots and demonstrations. The innovation and empowerment of block chain technology promotes the development of my country's digital economy.

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