Unexpectedly meeting Venice

Every time I travel, I will work hard to do my homework, study every place I want to go, check information, search strategy, and flip photos. Therefore, what is expected are the stories that can be heard, the beautiful scenery, and the roads traveled. However, what is often unexpected are the people and things that happen unexpectedly, which makes the memory of this city go away. new.


When I arrived in Venice, the patter of rain and stumbling gravel roads made the seemingly not far hotel far away. With jet lag, sleepiness, and all sorts of exhaustion from the first arrival, I moved to the hotel. Before I could breathe a sigh of relief, I felt like "No way" again. It turned out that the hotel was overbooked. We didn't have a room! ! Hearing about the discursiveism in Italy, I didn't expect to encounter it so soon. Later, the matter was resolved smoothly. The hotel owner apologized and arranged for us to approach the hotel, sent a car to take us there, and apologized again before leaving the gate. The mood at the time was: Italians are very humane. Although it was a bit of time, tiredness was left behind because of this sudden accident. What happened next was a surprise.


In Venice, the waywardness of the weather may be related to the randomness of people. In just half an hour, the sky, which was originally a clear sky, gradually became clouded with clouds, and then there was a sudden heavy rain, and when he hesitated, the clouds came again. Because of this capricious "cloudy weather", we hid in a street shop selling masks to take shelter from the rain.


At first glance, the owner seemed not very enthusiastic, and just wanted to leave, but when he saw his workshop, he must be a craftsman. He couldn't help but curiously asked about the making of the mask. Unexpectedly, as soon as the chatterbox was opened, he talked about the cumbersome production process and craftsmanship of the mask, the identification of local hand-made and foreign-made and made in China, and also demonstrated the coloring process on the spot. More than half an hour of small talk was very rewarding, and I fell in love with the lovely accent of the Italians. They are accustomed to raising the last syllable and adding the r sound, which sounds more advanced. I invited the shop owner to sign the mask I bought, and there was a little excitement of the little girl who succeeded in chasing stars.


When he knew our new hotel, he told us that he had lived there and recommended a nearby restaurant. Searching all the way according to the picture, I did not expect that it was an old restaurant in a very inconspicuous alley in a local residential area. The diners except us, all dressed up as decent local old men and old ladies. Without the map of the mask shopkeeper, it is almost impossible to find here. We ordered a set of five dishes and ate them beautifully for two hours. While enjoying the delicious food, we did not forget our fate. If it wasn't for changing the hotel, if it wasn't for rain, if it wasn't for the chance encounter with the mask shopkeeper, none of this would happen. The name of the owner of the mask is pronounced "somewhere" in English, which is the essence of meeting is not as good as chance encounter.


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