The Diary Game Season 3: Vang Vieng, Laos


Vang Vieng is a well-known leisure and tourist resort in Laos, located between the two cities of Vientiane and Luang Prabang. Located by the Nansong River, it is a karst limestone landform. The mountains and rivers are beautiful here, and the folk customs are simple. The mountains in Vang Vieng are very beautiful, and the shapes of the mountains are very rich. The mountains and rivers here are full of caves, and because of this, it has gained the reputation of "Little Guilin". Here, you can not only relax for leisure, but also explore adventures, and you can go deep into the folk house to experience the local lifestyle of different ethnic groups.
Auntie on the roadside will take the initiative to smile when you see you~ The Nam Song River surrounds this Vang Vieng, especially suitable for rafting, the scenery on both sides is beautiful~ This is a blessed place for outdoor enthusiasts, you can climb, cave, dive, bike ~ Vang Vieng's climate temperature difference between morning and evening Large, you need to prepare a pair of long trousers, you can also buy local trousers, about 20,000 pieces, Vang Vieng is a city especially suitable for sports.

The car to Vang Vieng parked near a market, and after a short walk, there will be a central area where backpackers are concentrated. There will be a tuk-tuk offering a price of 20,000 to the hotel. We didn’t know the distance at the beginning, so we only drove the tuk-tuk. It took five minutes to reach the hotel~ If you don't have much luggage, you can walk there~ Foreigners and friends are all carrying big bags.

Recommended by Wanrong

recommended places:
Lagoon blue lagoon ~ about 8 kilometers to and from the city, high platform diving ~ from the tree to the bottom ~ mostly foreigners and Koreans, regardless of nationality, it is recommended to ride a bicycle ~ but please prepare masks masks ~ dust all the way ~ ~ You can also go and stop when you exercise (you can rent a motorcycle, it is not economical to charter a car, or you can participate in a half-day tour or a day tour~)
Tickets: 10000kip includes a caving cave (worth a visit) remember to bring a bathing suit~
The toilet charges 2000kip once, so you can wear a swimsuit inside the jacket~

Tire drifting: agent booking fee 75,000 per person (free to bargain) ~ 3 kilometers away from the city with car pick-up ~ 2 hours drifting time ~ sunscreen long-sleeved trousers please prepare~
A medium size waterproof bag can be purchased: 55,000 kip

Recommended accommodation in Vang Vieng:
Abby boutique guesthouse (reasonable price of 150,000, nice environment room, quiet and hygienic, handsome boss) The accommodation here is mostly family hotels ~ this accommodation in the alleys in the downtown area is our windfall, we inquired about many hotels along the way There are 4 rooms left, the price is between 200,000-250,000, and the environment is not as good as this one, so I strongly recommend this ~ the habit of taking off your shoes when entering the family hotel~

Food recommendation:

Pancake: There are many stalls on the streets of Vang Vieng, which are very similar to pancakes, but they are filled with fruits and you can choose by yourself, but generally they are bananas. Bananas here are exquisite and cute~ Many foreigners just eat with toothpicks in front of the stalls~
French baguettes: The most local baguettes are the French baguettes~ The stall owners passing by will greet you enthusiastically. Because they were colonized by France, they have always followed this one. The delicate baked bread is paired with eggs, chicken, sausage, bacon, and vegetables. You can choose by yourself~ The price is between 15000-20 million~ Remember that the baguette will be cut into three pieces with a knife, don't just stuff it into your mouth~

Personal recommendation: Barbecue at the roadside stall, 50,000 skewers ~ freshly grilled and eaten, both tender and delicious.


What to play in Vang Vieng-cycling, diving, caving, rafting!
Vang Vieng is a small city. We stayed for 2 days and spent the whole time playing. We can rent bicycles or motorcycles. A bicycle is 15,000 yuan. No deposit is required. You can also book a car to Luang Prabang where you rent a bicycle. Tickets can also be booked in every hotel, which is very convenient.

Vang Vieng-Luang Prabang

The key point of booking: the cars to Luang Prabang are divided into small cars and large cars.
There are two types of car tickets, Toyota (new) for 100,000 people, and Hyundai (old) for 90,000 people. It takes 4 hours to take a new road. There is only one type of ticket for the big car, which is also 100,000, but it is about 7 hours on the old road, so there is no doubt that the small car is generally chosen.
We made a special reservation for Toyota, but when the tuk-tuk took us to the station, we were told that it was a modern car. The explanation of the station was that it did not look at the tickets and departed in order. When it is modern, it can only be modern. The former is dissatisfied, and the latter One of them won’t set off, and communication was fruitless. The fellow Korean Obama struggled with reason. In the end, we could only surrender and surrender. We had no choice but to take Hyundai and lost 40,000 in vain. Moreover, Vang Vieng went to Luang Prabang. For the uphill road, the old modern car is obviously overwhelmed, so as soon as it reaches the uphill corner, it will stop to let the engine rest~~·Seeing toyato whirring straight up~
Therefore, you must ask about the car reservation. If you can’t guarantee it, you can still book it cheaply. You don’t need to spend any money when you go out.

The most common roadside stall on the roadside in Vang Vieng, this is also our breakfast place. Walking 10 meters in the direction of the car is our lodging point. The prices in Vang Vieng are relatively cheap compared to Vientiane and Luang Prabang. The SHAKE here is only 5,000 cups. Every day, under the high temperature at noon, come. A cup of SHAKE is very refreshing.

Various booking services are provided. Our bicycles and Luang Prabang tickets are booked here. There are also various half-day tours and day trips that can be booked.


A small thatched house built by the river~You can go ashore to drink at any time when your tires are drifting~In a daze~It is also a brightly lit riverside bar at night~

Cross the small bridge to officially start riding, ~ this small bridge area can also be used as the end of the tire drift landing area.


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