Video games are more important than you think.

Over time he understood that playing video games does not make you a bad person, much less vague, on the contrary, it means that you have a great ability to solve difficult moves in real time. Playing video games is not just sitting on a computer and killing people, no. Playing video games is the life of many and is something that entertains us all. It keeps alive that inner child that we all have that always wants to leave but due to life circumstances we don't let it flow. It is interesting to see people dedicated hours and hours of their lives, from their time to video games. Many of us make money with them in my case is not so, I am looking to do it I want to be a great content creator and have fun for miles of people who are from their every and say wow this person is able to entertain the duration of a movie in the cinema all the days.

TV will go out of style in a few years giving way to content creators will be the biggest and most admired. That's why I say, if your son, daughter or any family member plays is not bad. Bad series being on the street stealing or using drugs or killing people or other living beings instead today in the current era many have the advantage of doing what they love from their every and providing money for their life and their home.

So mom, dad, what do you see and read this post, don't be so hard on your son or daughter, supported, discipline his play hours and let him understand what the reality is but also let him know that his inner child must exist for a lifetime .

The basis of our happiness is our heart and if our heart is happy, then we will be happy. Let's leave doubts and fear of life, move forward and improve our way of being and thinking since life is short and the best we can do is waste it on what we really love and want.

I hope you like this content, it is an editorial of conscience and understanding of why video games make our lives happy.

Greetings, with much love Thomas GameOver.

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