How to Face the Fear


Eliminating the feeling of fear from your life or getting comfortable with fear is out of the question!
We cannot get rid of our fears but that doesn’t mean we can’t fix them. Fear can be overcome once you learn to fight the fear. So yes you can face your fear with courage.

Don’t let your fear be the threat to your survival and let’s find out the very simple, trouble-free ways of facing your fear with courage or get to know how can you release fear?

What’s your Biggest Fear?

You may never hear but some people feel fear to fall in love with someone. Yes, it is!
This world is full of strange minds, thoughts, and ideas. People all around the globe also have different experiences and sometimes their fears depend on experiences too. Let me tell you how someone’s real-life experience could be the reason behind his/her fear.

Don’t you feel strange or weird when I mentioned some people out there feel terrified to be loved, I mean a bit difficult to digest. But think for a moment, if an individual isn’t comfortable to be loved he/she must experience something bad in past because of which he/she is still feeling uncomfortable to be loved.

Furthermore, people feel frightened of death. Well, I know death is obvious but this biggest fear doesn’t let people feel comfortable most of the time.

No matter what’s your greater fear is. Every type of fear pinches in the same way. My concern to you is that try to name whatever your biggest fear is so that you can get to know about it yourself and able to explain it to others whenever needed.

Understand your fear

Understanding fear is the most important key to overcome fear. I know it’s easy to say than done but not next to impossible.

Remember that most of the time, fear doesn’t exist in moments and it’s our imagination that scares us. Also, we get frightened because we aren’t having enough knowledge of things. You should keep this thing in mind that greater fear could be the motivational force behind most of your problems once you understand it and you need to find your fear and understand each aspect of it smartly in order to get comfortable with it. Keep in mind if something seems scary to you, it doesn’t mean it would be a risk to your life.

Face the fear

Keep in mind if something seems scary that doesn’t mean it going to be an immense risk to your life. However, a little fear is normal. Try to face your fear slowly and gradually. And another important point to notice here is that there isn’t one particular way to fight the fear.

You can choose the way that seems convenient to you. In the beginning, you can either imagine yourself facing your fear or you can do this in real, as said earlier, everything is up to you. Thus exercise to overcome your fear, act wisely, and according to your convenience.

However, the answer to when and how much fear to feel depends on your level of courage.

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