Champions league table, group review (29-10-2021)

Hello steemians
This is champions league teams, group and table at the moment.
A little review due to how I see the table at the moment.


Group A
In this group I think there is no much of competition as it stands. The first two teams will qualify.
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Group B
In this group only Liverpool have stand the chance of qualifying clearly, Porto and atletico Madrid still have more struggles.

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Group C
The struggle have end for Ajax and little from dortmund. I see Ajax and Dortmund to qualify.
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Group D
In this group the fight is still 100% due to real Madrid and inter Milan have a long way to go if the will both qualify, sheriff has shown that the can move to the round 16, if they win 1 match out of the remaining 3 matches.

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Group E
For Bayern Munich it's a free ticket but for benfica and Barcelona I still see more effort in one of the team, I think Barcelona will qualify for the round 16.

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Group F
This group is where the top three still have more struggles to qualify any lost in any of the game and the other two won, the lost team will not qualify

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Group G
In this group only Salzburg has much point, there is more hope that the will qualify also Sevilla can join if they succeeded in winning one or more of the games left.

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Group H
In this group Juventus and Chelsea have qualify but I also point it out that the four place is going to be competitive due to zenit won't like to drop from the third place and Malmo want to move forward.

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Great games we have witnessed in all the groups. I hope that it even gets better for the next games.

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Thanks for sharing.

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