Bere is 2020 bitcoin

So here is 2020, not just an ordinary year but it will be the deciding year for block chain. In the last few years people were working on different POCs, consortiums, exchanges, wallets but this year things will be much different in terms of real projects and how they will help different industries & end-users. Ethereum 2.0 would be the game-changer for many projects if it would be released on time, as many were having questions regarding the transaction rate. And other projects like Algorand @harmony are on the way to assist block chain projects with there innovative approaches. Let's see how many block chain projects will emerge as the game changer!!

So what do you think is this year will be the deciding year for the blockchain?

Guys! what do you think which blockchain projects would be the game-changer this year?

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07.01.2020 15:40

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07.01.2020 16:32