Space Capsule Lands In Oklahoma

The Winganon Space Capsule. Image was taken with my cellphone.

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Along County Road 300 you will find a space capsule laying in the ditch. It has been a capsule since 2011. Before that, it was something much simpler with an even more interesting past. Let me take a few moments and tell you a little bit about this piece of iconic history.

Oolahgah Lake showing location of the bridge and "capsule". Image from Google maps.

Before there was an Oolahgah Lake, there as a huge valley with farmland, but as the community grows there are needs. One of those needs is water so the community got together and built the dam and created a large and beautiful lake. Unfortunately, this caused the towns on either side of the lake to no longer be accessible to each other. So the county built a bridge to cross the middle of this large lake.

Screenshot of Google Maps showing the 2 mile distance of the bridge.

While building the bridge in 1959, one of the MANY cement truck had accidentally rolled off the highway and during the time it took to get the driver to safety and the tow truck arrive, the cement inside the tank had hardened and they were unable to move it. Officials decided to detach the tank from the truck and just leave it where it lay. It became an eyesore due to being a target for graffiti.

You can find this image on the Thomas' Facebook page

In 2011 Barry and Heather Thomas, local artists, decided to have some fun and create a piece of art that would bring smiles to many travelers and hopefully stop people damaging the piece with graffiti. They used many household items to produce parts of the capsule recreation.

Screenshot taken from the Winganon Space Capsule Facebook page. We have permission via messenger.

Since they finished their creation thousands of people have driven here to see the NASA inspired Winganon Space Capsule. If you would like to view some of the images people have taken with this, you can visit them at:

This one of those mini adventures we go on so we can learn more about the counties we visit. Both of us had heard rumors of it, but only recently did we decide to hunt for it on purpose. Thanks so much for traveling with us and remember "Get out and live life outside your box."



Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

Thank you @penderis for this artwork!

Thank you @enginewitty for this artwork!

Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!
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I would love to make a picture there and travel with you guys , great blog love that you are so detailed 😘

23.11.2019 23:42

If you ever come to the US, we will be happy to have you with us. These places of art just thrill me and I love sharing as much as I can.

24.11.2019 02:52

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24.11.2019 00:47
24.11.2019 00:47

Thank you.

24.11.2019 19:52

You are welcome.

24.11.2019 23:47

I love reading about your adventures! 😊😊 thank you for this example for #RRTC 😉👍

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24.11.2019 03:07

I love sharing them. I know there are some who often wonder why there is code on some of the posts and not on others so wanted to make sure people could see that format in the Redfish Rally chat room in the Steem Terminal.

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24.11.2019 09:23

I actually thought it was really a space capsule. That is a super creative way to turn that cement mixer into a tourist attraction. It would be hard not to pull over to take a photo.

24.11.2019 11:14

They are actually thinking of turning a small area across the road into a pull-in area. There are always issues there due to tourists. They will be starting a "go fund me" for it. I suggested the create a Steem account and do the fundraiser here.

24.11.2019 19:48

@servob and @crimesty why did you downvote this post? I have everything sourced and I also have permission to the images that were not taken by me. Let me show you! What is your issue???


24.11.2019 20:55

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28.11.2019 05:54

Love the creative approach to a problem!

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28.11.2019 07:25

What country is this in? I recognize Jamestown as there is a famous one in America, but the other names on the map look like they are not in America. I think it's rather odd that they just left it there. They could have gotten a crane out there to load it onto a trailer or they could remove the metal and then break up the cement.

28.11.2019 08:57

This is outside of Talala, Oklahoma. The names are Native American names. Oklahoma was where the sent all the Native Americans at one point. It is such a sad and horrible time in our country.

The company that lost the load actually tried, but it was just too heavy for their equipment. They could take it away now, but it is a fixed tourist attraction. Periodically the couple comes out and works on it so it goes through stages.

02.12.2019 02:57

That's amazing, I love that idea, so creative

28.11.2019 10:20

Now.. That is definitely an Instagrammable location :)

28.11.2019 14:26

That was my thought, but I kinda like it so low key. Haha

02.12.2019 02:58

Nice added feature to otherwise boring object laying around, thinking outside the box come to mind @xcountytravelers Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours

28.11.2019 15:16

Totally agree. It is where trash was turned to art.

02.12.2019 02:58

That really looks so cool!

28.11.2019 15:28

That was certainly resourceful! I'll bet lots of folk learned a lot from these events.

28.11.2019 15:36

Not sure, but I know I have used it as an education source for my Grand George's when they were studying the Apollo capsule.

02.12.2019 03:00

Great looking debris. Good tourist attraction for the area.

28.11.2019 16:07

Hahaha, "Get out and live life outside your box."

I have burnt my box long ago my friend, I think when I turned about 15 years old long, long ago.
That is one very heavy space capsule and I think not even NASA's strongest rocket motors will lift it Lol.

Seriously though that was such a novel idea and I looks great now.

28.11.2019 16:38

We try to encourage others to get out of their homes and do something, see something interesting. We believe we have to live it in order to preach it.

02.12.2019 03:01

Cool and that's the way to go if you want to inspire others to get out of their comfort zones my friend.
I like your take on it; "live it to preach it", as it makes total sense to me. All strength to your efforts!

02.12.2019 07:29

What a fun discovery, I'm sure you all had so much fun finding this treasure! I'll make note, perhaps we'll have to search for this as well! :)

28.11.2019 20:16

It is a fun one to find. When you first drive past it, you do a double take.

02.12.2019 03:02

This is freaking awesome. When I first saw this, I thought, "That doesn't sound like NASA. They'd recover their space capsule. Something has to be amiss."

I admit, your story is much better than the one I imagined. Pretty cool stuff!

29.11.2019 02:36

What's even better is that the men that worked on one of the Apollos here in Tulsa had a reunion (my dad was one of them) and they did a group shot with the capsule. Haha. If I can find the photo, I will upload it.

02.12.2019 03:03

That's so awesome! Reminds me of "Foamhenge" in Virginia. It's awesome when artists can make something so cool like that.

30.11.2019 01:30

That is one of the things I love about street art, actual art, not tagging. Something ugly is turned into art and encourages the imagination to take off.

02.12.2019 03:04