Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!!!

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We have recently moved onto the property my father-in-law lives and between the dogs there and our dog, there are many dogs. By many, I mean eight. Eight fuzzy butts that wiggle, bark, and bring joy. I introducing most of them would be a good way to celebrate #thankdogitsfriday and #dogsofsteemit. I also hope @supernovastaffy enjoys these precious fuzzy butts.


Dad has three dogs that live on his property. Two are black labs from the same litter, Bear and Annie, and then there is the large poodle named Santana, but we all call him Tripod because he lost a leg a few years back when he was found tangled up in a barbed-wire fence. Fortunately, there was a good vet who was able to help him.


My sister-in-law lives in the RV about 200 feet from us and they have three dogs as well. They are tiny ones who are the barkers of the group. Minnie is a MinPin who has recently had a stroke. She was born with a tiny heart and was thought to not live long. She is six-years-old this year. Unfortunately, she tends to walk in circles until she is able to get where she is going. The look on her face when she succeeds is priceless.


Minnie has a sister who is called Remy. This is the dog the whole family fights over. You think I am kidding; I am more serious than you know. Remy is a Chihuahua that is unlike most I have met. She loves people and you see it on her face when she runs up to you and begs to be picked up. Upon her hind legs waving her front paws, one is unable to resist picking her up. This dog is also a Houdini! She has shown up in my RV more times without me knowing she snuck in. Cordie is usually not amused.


Then, of course, there is our precious little Chihuahua Cordie. She is our fellow traveler, guard dog, and sheet stealer.

All photos, unless otherwise noted, are taken by myself on a cell phone camera.



Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

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Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!
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18.10.2019 17:19

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18.10.2019 17:19

Lovely story indeed! ^_^

!giphy love yah

18.10.2019 17:35

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!CATtip 5

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18.10.2019 19:18

Love the furry friends

18.10.2019 20:05

How many dogs! And all are so different))

18.10.2019 21:25

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18.10.2019 22:25

Thats a lot of dogs and nice to meet them :)

18.10.2019 22:43


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18.10.2019 22:48

We love our furrry friends. We also have a small little doggie that everyone also fights over. Very irresistible and gets all the attention most of the time.

19.10.2019 12:16

Dawwww. A house full of dogs is a happy house! I do feel for Minnie; poor poochy. She's lucky to have a family who loves her and is happy to take care of her.

19.10.2019 14:10

That is a lot of dogs and quite the combination!
That gif had me smiling - just imagine being smothered with dog kisses!
Thanks for sharing!

20.10.2019 04:28

I agree, lots of dogs! How many dogs? It's difficult to even count that many.

22.10.2019 12:47

Eight! We have two and it's a handful! They sure look cute

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22.10.2019 20:54

That is a lot of dogs... I can't even handle one. And now these are 8 lovelies. Loving hearts.

23.10.2019 09:35

What a lovely post here my friend. Chihuahua's are definitely the cutest little things in the whole wide world.
Our little Troy, now in his 14th year has developed a faulty trachea and it seems that nothing can be done for him.

06.11.2019 19:15

Lovely doggies 😍😍😍

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12.11.2019 00:27

Thank you. They are lovely dogs and ready to greet me when I come out of the door.

13.11.2019 19:42

What beautiful friends, dogs become family, my pincher accompanies me for a walk and I love taking photos @xcountytravelers

Que lindos amiguitos, los perros se vuelven familia, mi pincher me acompaña a caminar y me encanta tomarle fotos @xcountytravelers

14.11.2019 18:14

Wow, Cordie loves to go hiking with us. The other dogs aren't ours but they are always around. The poodle was found a new forever home so, it isn't as crazy. (thank you for putting it in both languages!)

14.11.2019 19:30