20 Waterfalls in 2020 - Number Six - Grand Falls in Joplin, MO

... WWe are marking off waterfalls today. We left the homestead at 4:30 am to get to the Grand Falls just outside of Joplin, Missouri, in a township called Grand Falls Plaza. Such a pretty area and the recent snow didn't hurt at all.

This is the sixth waterfall in our 20 Waterfalls in 2020.

waterfalls #missouri #snowday


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@tipu curate

06.02.2020 20:05
06.02.2020 20:05

Thank you! I will get my actifit post up later today.

06.02.2020 20:22

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06.02.2020 20:29

Excellent initiative!

This collection of waterfalls that you are doing is proving perfect. Congratulations.
I can't wait to see the following one.

Greetings to you and your spouse.

07.02.2020 05:29

Thank you. We are always chasing something and both of us are drawn to waterfalls.

07.02.2020 15:44

I loved that you had made a video, because that way we can enjoy the relaxing sound.

Thanks for sharing.

08.02.2020 15:42