Meeting a Big Boy

image taken with my cellphone

scott and I decided to see one of the biggest steam engines in the United States.
This is the Big Boy that just blew us away. It is the 150 year celebration of the Union Pacific so they decided to go across the county with this Big Boy! There only four of these around and this one was fixed up and restored.



Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!

Thank you @penderis for this artwork!

Thank you @enginewitty for this artwork!

Thank you @medro-martin for this artwork!
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That bad boy is so huge! That's just awesome! Steam engines are just so much fun.

04.12.2019 01:20

We were going to stop in Nowata, but it was so crowded. There were fewer people in Coffeyville so we got up close!

05.12.2019 02:02

Ooo very nice!! I haven't gotten see that one yet. I did ride on a coal train though Cumbres & Toltec. Which goes between Chama, Nm and Antonito, CO. It was an amazing trip.

04.12.2019 05:05

Oh that is awesome! One of these days we are hoping to go to Canada and take a train from one coast to the other. I am sure it won't be as amazing as riding the Big Boy.

05.12.2019 02:04

That would be amazing. :)

05.12.2019 02:33

I upvoted this just for the looks on your faces. Happy train times.

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04.12.2019 14:24

Thank you so much. We were so excited.

05.12.2019 02:05