She finally did it.

It only took me losing my first account, getting this one made for me, forgetting it, remembering where I put my notebook, and then do shit dick all for the next few months, BUT HEY I'M HERE.

You will likely know me better as xLACYFAYEx on discord as that's where I usually hang out and likely will lurk for the next forever. I usually only pop on when Full Force Radio is up but I'm slowly poking into the general and spicy chat.

Speaking of spicy, some of you may know me from my other platforms like twitter, snap, insta or Tumblr. And yes, I'll likely be posting my lewds here too.


That's right internet friend. Lewds. Shit like hand-holding, and tiddies. I also worked at a dildo store for 3ish years so expect to see a lot of posts about sex toys, sex acts, aspects of BDSM and just weird shit I find from the internet. Like urban dictionary Simba, or Charizard. Bad, bad things that nobody should ever do during sex (and yet someone white enough eventually will).

If you want to know more about the porn thing, you'll have to ask me about it over on ye ol discord or hit me up on one of the medias mentioned above. tumblr_99ae82985c3961d99e0db0bfe58db3c7_f49889e3_640.jpg

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