XcelDefi : Why should you care about this token?

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Introducing you to XcelDefi (XLD)

XcelDefi (XLD) is a novel token on Binance Smart Chain whichcreated with an intention to restructure the traditional financial ecosystem.

It is a native token of Xcellab Ecosystem which is bringing together the world of decentralized travel, finance and investment together under one umbrella.

Problem Statement

What problems does it solve?

Currently, the Decentralised Finance system is not accessible to all.XLD is a one of a kind utility token which is making Defi accessible to all by lowering barriers to entry for newcomers seeking so that they can join the world of Decentralised finance and cryptocurrency, and make most of it.

XLD adheres to four principles of — safety, transparency, efficiency and decentralization.

As you know, many new up and coming cryptocurrencies and tokens lack a strong ecosystem and use-cases. XLD principally believes that projects without strong community, and tokens without applicable use cases have no meaning.

XLD is a native token of Xcellab Ecosystem which is bringing together the world of decentralized travel, finance and investment together under one umbrella.

Overview of XLD Use cases

XLD users can engage in the liquidity pool, yield farm, and staking programs on decentralised automated market maker XcelSwap- a DEX by Xcellab Ecosystem, which allows XcelDefi (https://www.xceldefi.com/) holders to earn more with better rewards.

XLD holders can book over2.3 million hotels and 450 airlines worldwide using XcelTrip. And, even earn exciting rewards.

XcelDefi (XLD) has facilitated its users to have control over their assets through a decentralized, secure and noncustodial wallet, XcelPay Wallet. With XcelPay Wallet users can top up more than 900 mobile networks all over the world and purchase over 350 gift cards from Amazon, Playstore, Applestore and other platforms. Users can send, receive, buy, swap, store XcelDefi(XLD) and other ERC-20 tokens and BEP-20 tokens on secured XcelPay Wallet.

But, most importantly, XLD holders can vote for project amendments and development of Xcellab projects and use XLD as a governance token for Xcellab Projects.

Adopt your very first crypto with XcelDefi (XLD)

XcelDefi has strong use cases in the XcelLab ecosystem that has encouraged high-speed crypto adoption. As a native token for XcelLab, XLD is building a secure, transparent, permissionless-ness and reliable system.

XcelDefi is removing barriers to entry on Decentralized Finance and cryptocurrency industry by also catering to new-entrants who are willing to enter the fostering crypto community. Aspiring crypto enthusiasts can download XcelPay Wallet to claim their very first crypto in XLD.

Travellers can also win XLD as a reward by participating in XcelTrip referral program, where they can earn XLD as reward for recommending hoteliers and air travel service providers to XcelTrip.

XcelDefi holders can contribute to shaping the future of XcelSwap as they have the right to vote in any development, projects and amendments.

Users can engage in staking, liquidity mining and yield farming in XcelSwap to earn higher returns and amazing rewards. XcelSwap allows users to trade BEP-20 tokens at lower trading fees without any intermediaries. Hence, users have full custody of their assets.

XLD holders can also participate in the XcelSwap liquidity pool and become a liquidity provider for which they can bag LP Tokens. When an investor contributes toward providing liquidity to a certain Liquidity Pool (LP), they get LP tokens in reward. They can use that LP Token to Farm and get returns. XcelSwap provides XLD (governance token of XcelSwap) and a certain percent of the trading fees to the investors who are staking LP tokens.

Learn more about XcelDefi

The inception of XcelDefi took place in the early quarters of 2021. The project was launched in early September.

Our journey so far..

2021 Q1-Q2

  • Concept Inception
  • Team Development
  • Premarketing
  • Branding

2021 Q3-Q4

  • Token Launch
  • Publishing of Whitepaper. XcelDefi whitepaper is available on the company’s official website.
  • Added Listing on XcelTrip for hotels and flights booking with XcelDefi across 2.3 million hotels and 450+ flights
  • Introduced XLD yield farming and Staking on XcelSwap.
  • Introduced XLD as governance token on XcelSwap.

XLD has been introduced as the governance token for XcelSwap and has been listed on:

  • Coin market cap and CoinGecko.
  • Dex like Pancake Swap, XcelSwap and Bakery Swap.
  • Decentralized wallet XcelPay.
  • Decentralized travel and booking platform XcelTrip.
  • LAtoken.
  • BW Exchange.

XcelDefi has more plans for the future. In the quest of making DeFi accessible to all, XcelDefi (XLD) project has collaborated with leading projects like Ferreum Network to launch the XLD staking program. By enabling FIO protocol on XcelPay Wallet Xcellab has improved overall crypto usability via its decentralised wallet- XcelPay Wallet.

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