How does Blockchain Voting work?

It all starts from a public or a private blockchain. The first concern is related to the user’s privacy. A blockchain should hide the voter’s cast. This process is achievable by using zero-knowledge proofs or encryption methods.

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Secondly, each citizen must register and prove their identity. The voter needs to have a unique identification ID. Voters can submit a passport or biometrics like a fingerprint. After that, the identity is recorded on the blockchain associated with that user’s private key and public key.

Instead of a ballot box to cast a vote, a voting token and a smart contract can be used. Each token once sent to the user’s account would have a time limit defined by the smart contract.

All candidates would receive an address. Then citizens can use their token to vote by sending it to the candidate’s address. By following these simple rules, this system can easily count each vote.

The “blockchain” concept on which cryptocurrencies work might be extrapolated to many other areas of life, such as voting systems, where it’s an incontrovertible chain of decisions and evidence could ensure validity in a political or other election.

The most interesting thing is the fact that on blockchain everything is immutable and verifiable. None would be able to vote twice or delete votes.

Voting with coins

Coins as votes is one model the report identifies as problematic. In it, a registered voter has a public/private key pair created by the voting authority, with each voter sending their public key to the voting registry.

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