How can you invest in XcelToken Plus XLAB?

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To enable mainstream usage and adoption of cryptos, Xcellab has created XcelToken Plus. XcelToken Plus (XLAB) is a Utility Token which is created to provide the crypto community with real time use cases.

Based on Ethereum network, XcelToken Plus is an ERC-20 token that is crafted to be used on a daily basis and across multiple platforms. The token has been created to engage and foster larger crypto communities and drive mainstream usage of crypto in and across cross-cutting industries including sectors of hospitality, retail, gaming, social networking, and payment.

XcelToken Plus (XLAB) is also a gateway to becoming a community member at the broader Xcellab community and thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem. The token can be adopted for usage on multiple platforms.

XcelToken Plus (XLAB) has some powerful use cases.

International Travel — Using XcelToken Plus (XLAB) you can book over 2.7 million hotels, and 450+ airlines. XcelToken Plus can be used to book flights and hotels through decentralized travel and booking platform XcelTrip. Ability to do that gives XcelToken Plus (XLAB) the biggest mass adoption in the travel and airline industry.

Top-up your carrier service — XcelToken Plus (XLAB) can be used to recharge your mobile carrier service. The token can be used to top up mobile plans. The facility is available in 900 different service carriers in 190+ countries!

Buy XcelTokenPlus (XLAB) in leading crypto exchange platforms


Trade XcelToken Plus (XLAB) in LATOKEN Exchange on USDT market.

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Mercatox Exchange

Trade XcelToken Plus (XLAB) in Mercatox Exchange on the BTC and ETH market.

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XcelToken Exchange

Trade XcelToken Plus (XLAB) in XcelToken Exchange on the BTC,ETH and USDT market

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Users can also trade XcelToken Plus (XLAB) in HOTBIT


Many exciting use cases are upcoming for XcelToken Plus (XLAB). Like Swiping and paying in cryptos through crypto credit cards and adoption in restaurants and bars.

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