FIO Protocol Enabled on XcelPay Wallet- Crypto Transactions Made Easier and Less Complicated!

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XcelPay Wallet ( is a decentralized and secured multi-crypto wallet designed to provide a positive user experience. XcelPay Wallet has now enabled FIO Protocol which makes transactions easier and less complicated. Hence, improving the user’s experience.

What is FIO?

FIO stands for Foundation for Interwallet Operability and is pronounced as “fee-oh”. It was developed to provide a human readable address alternative to the long alphanumeric blockchain public addresses. An FIO address is a username and domain similar to an email. For example, sun@wallet where “sun” is a unique username and “wallet” is a domain.

FIO Protocol is being integrated into wallets, exchanges and other crypto related applications. With FIO address, users no need to remember long and complicated public keys, and also users don’t need to handle many wallet addresses.

How Transactions is made easier, less complicated and less risky with FIO Protocol?

Eliminates the need to handle many different wallets.

With FIO address users can get one identity for all crypto wallet addresses. It’s easy to register, use and works with every crypto.

Easy to remember address that avoids errors

Users no longer need to worry about accidentally sending the wrong tokens to the wrong addresses. FIO address can be easily remembered.

Send and receive crypto

The FIO Protocol enabled in the crypto wallet helps to send and receive any cryptos to and from any FIO address.

FIO request

With FIO individuals can send and receive payment requests for any crypto from their crypto wallet in the form of a simple notification. The request can be encrypted.

FIO Data

Users can include metadata that can be a note, invoice, order cart and others with FIO transactions. This helps users to know about the transactions in detail.

With the integration of FIO Protocol on the XcelPay Wallet, transactions are made easier and understandable. Users no longer have to remember complex public keys. FIO addresses have reduced the risk of error while doing the transactions.

If you haven’t yet created an FIO username. Here ( is a guide for you. Create an FIO username with XcelPay Wallet and enjoy the easier, less complicated and less risky transactions.

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