The XBTS DEX Exchange added to Revain


The XBTS is happy to announce that the XBTS DEX Exchange added to Revain

Revain is a blockchain-based review platform with a goal to bring back people’s trust in online reviews.


  • Decentralized exchange XBTS provides prompt and comfortable exchange of Bitcoins and Altcoins.
  • Instant buy and sell of cryptocurrency at fair price with blockchain guarantees.
  • Each trading operation is saved in blockchain.
  • Only you have the access to your account!
  • XBTS DEX is a BitShares-based decentralized exchange and an entry point into the decentralized market.
  • You can trade any amount, at any time, from anywhere.

You can write feedback on the XBTS exchange in the "exchange section"

Let's tell the world about the opportunities of Dex!

  • Trust is incredibly important to have before using any blockchain-based products. With this exchange section , Revain is aiming to bring with authentic and high-quality feedback of the exchanges. Users can rate each exchange from 1 to 5 stars and write a comprehensive review with pros and cons.

Ability to share thoughts and reviews is very important for all traders!

  • To help traders understand which exchanges are right for their trading habits, feedback platform Revain utilises blockchain and AI technology to protect and filter for authentic reviews of cryptocurrencies and exchange platforms.

Revain`s blockchain technology preserves reviews to promote transparency and accountability in a relatively unaccountable market.

  • Reviews on Revain can’t be deleted or altered, providing both beginners and seasoned traders access to each company’s history.
  • Revain’s encourages authentic and thorough user feedback that contributes to the crypto community’s bank of knowledge when considering which exchange platform best services each trader’s needs.

Welcome to Revain

XBTS Dex Exchange

Comments 3

Please consider crossposting to the BitShares Community :)

12.03.2020 12:26

Please consider adding EOS and ETH native tokens. I would like to trade PEOS, DAPP, BAT on BitShares DEX. Newdex UX is quite slow, besides we have DEXBot !
I also know that the EOSDT team is looking for liquidity, I wrote to them about DEXBot. It can be an interesting cooperation

Honestly, there is nothing to trade, except for BTC, DASH and LTC

19.03.2020 15:22

Thanks for the feedback! Soon we will add a Brave/BAT on XBTS DEX.

19.03.2020 20:38