Get up to 50% of the XBTS DEX trading proceeds!

SmartHOLDERs Staking Regular payments reports for the period from January 15 to February 1 2020


Increase your crypto portfolio regardless of how the market moves
Take part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program. The SmartHOLDER Staking Program gives benefits to the STH owners. Investing in SmartHoldem Coin, you have the right for a share of earnings, which are generated by trading fees on the XBTS exchange. As soon as more traders start using XBTS, volume and benefits increase.

SmartHoldem Coin [STH] is a core asset of the XBTS DEX.
STH has many options for use: for paying commissions for transactions on the XBTS exchange,
STH takes part in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program and in fair Blockchain Voting for XBTS Dex listing.
STH is a native coin for decentralized gaming platform SmartHoldem. STH use in DAPPs, DexGames and much more.

You can place your SmartHoldem coins (STH) and get profit from XBTS twice a month. The stake in the SmartHOLDER Staking Program will freeze and block your coins in the blockchain for the timer of 1-3-6-12 months. The longer duration of the stake provides for the higher pay-out rate.

XBTS Dex Exchange

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