This game is driving me crazy i am burning like fire🤦‍♀️❤️😂

Hi, splinterlands family wassup.

I was thinking about the title of today's splinterlands post so this is what came to my mind :P XD. It is actually damn true this game is really driving me crazy.

We have inspired enough people to join this game lol jk. But yep yesterday when i was trying to buy some cards and i saw someone buying cards and i was surprised to see that person :P

So now i can surely say that this game is really driving people crazy :P

Apart from joke, i have been feeling so blessed for the past 2 days. why? hmm because I was getting #earth splinter. Yoo

Less tension no crying and no suffering. But it was only 2 days of happiness. I have life splinter today.


Only 3 days and few hours left in this season and I'm rolling between diamond3 and diamond2. But this is because of my quests. I am not playing extra ranked games because of my ECR cry.....

Previous 2 quests reward cards


So many commons alas XD

Well right now my ECR is 96% and my new quest is already up so i will try to complete let's see

My recent investment in splinterlands

I am investing money in this game and will do it till i see my decks at a certain level which i have dreamed of.

Yesterday i bought #MalricInferno BCX 2 in 2k decs. So yep now my Malric Inferno is leve6. I can use a common level 8 card rare level 6, epic level 5 and legendary level3.

So now my 4 summoners are leve6 except death summoner.


that's all, for now, see you all around take care good night.

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