The Particles - Definitive interactive guide to subatomic particle physics

The Particles

Definitive interactive guide to subatomic particle physics


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Hunter's comment

The particles app is quite different and interactive when it comes to exploring more about physics. It allows you to discover the five most important families of subatomic particles. If you have gone through the Higgs Boson particles theory then you should have known why it is so important. This app has included real pictures of 125 events related particles along with videos. As a student of Quantum Physics, i do know how important it is. I can say this app is very interactive and gives very intuitive references. So if you are a student of science or either you're a scientist you must check this app out.


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15.12.2019 15:05

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15.12.2019 15:10

Very good and new innovative app which helps in science especially in physics. Great hunt.

16.12.2019 02:01

Awesome ONe!
I never heard about such theories but this application seems an awesome option to dig into it and explore more about this concept it has nice UI as well.
Thank you and Have a GooD dAY!

16.12.2019 03:06

great hunt. quantum physics always went over my head and i am sure so will the content of this app. but it seems entertaining along with being educational, so i think i would enjoy learning about subatomic particles more from such an app than other sources.

16.12.2019 04:24

Great app to find out about particle physics in addition it also looks great for users who want to know why the Higgs boson is so important? Overall this app definitely enable users to learn about particles in a new and exciting way. Great Hunt

16.12.2019 07:22

This will help the students who are studying and exploring the world of physics and interested to learn more about it.

16.12.2019 14:52


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