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Have you ever been in a situation whereby you register for an event and end up not going due to an unavoidable situation? Well some people are in this boat and this sometimes rocks the boat of the organisers of the event. They organise events because they want people to grace it but then, they get disappointed due to low turn out. This thing has been going on throughout the years from the days of media advert to the traditional delivery of invites to various addresses. People go through a lot of stress by making sure their event is the talk of the town and at the end of the day all they get is a few numbers of attendees. Money, time and effort all wasted while no effort or solution can help these organisers separate the wheat from the chaff. Before the day of the event, there is no way to know who the ghost attendees will be and who are those who would really love to come, all they do is put out an invite in blind faith hoping to get a huge turnout.

People assure the organisers of this event of their presence and end up not going which is unfair to the organisers.RSVP chairs will be empty while sometimes the regulars are overcrowded. When reviews start coming it might render that company useless and incapable of pulling a large turnout again due to that incident. It might even cripple the event company concerned and make them lose potential and past client. Advertising is not the problem here which I have noticed, because there are lots of quiet events that was not advertised that end up being successful. This and more is what Mikoto Inoue thought about which is why he created kickback for event organisers.
Ranking on the stateofthedapp listKickback came alive during the Ethereum code up meeting in London and it was founded by Mikoto Inoue because he sees the pain of event organisers. Most times the people who register for events end up not going or they do it for clout while the ones who would love to attend may not be able to register because of limited space due to the large response to invite.

All this is what Mikoto and his team realised which is why they created a smart contract operating system to ensure that only responsible and reliable people register for events. This operating system will ensure that registration is done by only serious individuals who are only focused on attending this event and will also help make the event a successful one for the planners.

By making sure you have metamask or Brave or Opera on your computer or Coinbase or Trust wallet on your mobile, you can then go ahead to login to the kickback website to ensure your eligibility to any event organised by them.

It is hereby compulsory for attendees to deposit a small amount of the specified token for that event either in DAI or Ethereum which will be returned within 7 days after the event. Failure to claim yours within the specified time, it will be returned to the reward pool and claimed by the event organisers. For those who registered and deposited but did not show up, their deposit will be shared among the attendees.
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On the kickback website here we can see :

  • EVENTS: This section stands like a catalogue for past and future events. Here you can browse through to see which one you would like to attend. When I clicked the link on one of the future events I saw these terms and condition stated in bold print by the side.

This actually explains what the project is all about and ways at which the kickback team has won its users so as not to cause any dispute on the platform.

  • PRICING: Here it is explained in full details how much the platform charge for events from organisers. They stated that 1$ each for an individual who attends the event and also arrives on time.

The event organiser pays $1 per 1 turn up

For example, an event that has 100 people RSVP and only 80 could grace the event. At the end of the event, only the ones who arrived on time for the event will be charged to the organisers by the kickback team. So let's say 75 arrived on time, the event organisers would have to pay 1$ x 75 which equals to 750$ plus whatever VAT is applicable to the business location to the kickback team.

The kickback team also stated on their webpage that invoice will be sent at the end of every event so that the event organisers can only pay when they are satisfied with the service rendered to them. Only bank transfers and DAI token are allowed for now.
They also put into consideration recurring customers, they have this for them:
Defi Rate
Cooper Turley
Kickback: The Future of Event Attendance - Defi Rate
When it comes to registering for events, it’s no surprise that more times than not the number of people who RSVP versus actually attending are ... Read more kickback: The Future of Event Attendance

For recurring events, we will offer a quarterly payment of $150 ($50/month) for normal events but $45 ($15/month) for events organised by non-profits, individuals, and students. If you decide to choose the quarterly payment model, we ask you to pay upfront. In future, we will incorporate the recurring payment mechanism into our smart contract.

  • GUIDES: In this section, they highlighted rules that will be guiding event organisers and the also answered questions that might be asked frequently on the platform about the project.


  • It gives financial benefit for attending events
  • It promotes the blockchain in a bigger and better way.
  • It assures event organisers of 90% turnout instead of the traditional 50%.


  • The operating system is not user-friendly in the sense that; a novice will find it difficult to navigate and understand what the crypto terms contain. This will thereby reduce the number of people registering for the event.
  • It has also segregated the events hosted by kickback to be just for the blockchain enthusiast alone.

Kickback is doing a wonderful job in cubbing ghost attendees and making sure to reward loyal attendees. It is also only focused on the blockchain which is a great turnoff for me.I would like to see big corporation on the platform this will make them enable the use of the monetary deposit. When people realise they can use crypto instead of their cash, it will awaken their investment passion and will also help market the power of the blockchain to them.

I will be rating this dapp 3/5 because they are one step closer to resolving the event issues but only for cryptocurrency believers and not for a crypto novice.
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