StopMotionGIF - Create frame-by-frame animated GIFs with your camera


Create frame-by-frame animated GIFs with your camera


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Hunter's comment

Quite an interesting application to create stop motion Gif. You can easily create stop motion gifs just by playing with this application. It does work in the sense of layer by layer. Pretty handy and easy to use. I am sure if you are interested in creating a different kind of gif's then you might love this app. Have fun


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it has some excellent and cool feature, but I like, "Save GIF as MP4 video", more, with it you don't have to move to another app for this feature.

14.01.2020 00:43

A great app to make frame by gream animations from your apple phone. You can create awesome GIFs and save them in many different ways and share them.

14.01.2020 02:42

Great and innovative find. Gifts technology also very popular over all the world. You can create amazing gifts from your recorded video. Nice one.

14.01.2020 07:15

For making gif and animation, now need to go to pc and internet sites. Its good hunting. Nice.

14.01.2020 14:31


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