Finally took a short break from my studies and decided to make a post. Yep, i have been thinking about this since yesterday. But yesterday got screwed up.

I had the worst night of life. What is the real meaning of anxiety i just got realized last night. Went through such circumstances never thought it would happen in this way again. oh well!

Let's come back to the real topic.


hird time i am participating in this contest because i love this community from the bottom of the heart and the way this project is growing up is really commendable and appreciable.

I have seen the work of tribe owner and his excellent tribe team. They all are putting their best to make this project successful. I am a true believer of this project this is why i have staked my all neoxag.

I haven't won any neoxian-city contest yet but again i am participating with a hope :P


Hey, guys meet Simba :P


Oh, Boy don't scare me off :XD

So I am going to share Simba's whole life journey guys stay tuned

My baba(Father) loves to have a different kind of animals as. He bought Simba when he was just a few months old. TBH i don't remember exactly.

Simba doesn't live with us in our house he is in our #FarmHous. Almost all kind of animals we have in our FarmHouse.
Birds, horses. deer etc..

Hmmm, i could have used my ghost picture for this contest and yea i have parrots as well in our house. But i wanted to participate with Simba.

Some cool shots of Simba




Simba has grown up. Now i don't take his images i fear although he is not that dangerous. Whenever i show images of Simba to my friends the first question they ask don't tell us you have taken these images :P

Guys Simba is an integral part of our family. So what if we meet occasionally.

But after my exams, i am going to spend my vacations with them. Daily i will post about them with fresh pictures.




Ok, when i took these shots i never thought i would partake in any photo contest so i could have used some different camera. These shots are taken from a smartphone. I hope you guys have enjoyed the pictures of #Simba.


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That's so crazy!!

I've always wanted a Tiger for a pet, but you'd never get away with that out here in Canada.. exotic animals are 'banned' as pets, even some snakes!!

I look forward to seeing future posts of you and Simba's travels!!

10.10.2019 08:10

we have bought another simba

simba junior lol i will post about him too :P thanks for stopping by :)

10.10.2019 15:06

I agree with you, I wanted a monkey but also banned as pet in Switzerland :(

11.10.2019 04:41

Brooooooooo 😍😍😍👍👍👀😆😍👑

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10.10.2019 14:01

bro hehe

10.10.2019 15:04

Wow incredible, I met once Simba but in Simba's park in South Africa.
Hope your farmhouse is enough big for them, I am impress.

11.10.2019 04:38

Lion as pet !! HMMMMMMM

11.10.2019 11:13

Beautiful Simba 😍

11.10.2019 14:12