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PRESTON STERLING AND THE LEGEND OF EXCALIBUR is an adventure that will transport you into the world of English myths and legends.source

A fun entertaining game for the fans of hidden mystical artificial objects. This game is pretty adventurous for all those who love to play tricky, puzzle games. It has a cool innovative design along with marvellous story line up so have fun and enjoy.

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03.10.2019 15:03

This games looks fun. Awesome hunt. I like adventure games like this, unfortunately not time to play games these days.

04.10.2019 04:09

The game looks interesting i will definitely give it a try as i am kind of getting bored from playing PUBG so yes ill try this one.

04.10.2019 04:43

What a great and amazing hunt. I really like to playing puzzles games. Solving the puzzles is very interesting for us. It gives you some task to find something. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

04.10.2019 08:56

I like games involving hidden stuffs. It is quite interesting to play.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

04.10.2019 14:56


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04.10.2019 15:22