OMG Gold Foil Legendary 😍

I wish everyone a very happy dappy positive and full of blessings day. I am super excited again today. Yea I am getting addicted to Untamed and daily something tempts me to buy untamed. Yesterday I bought 10 untamed and that 10 untamed experience wasn't very well but today again I wanted to get some open-open feel :P. I had 15k decs and I needed 5k more in order to purchase 10 untamed. I burnt my gold foil chicken oops heh but yea.

After making sure now I have 20k decs and I can purchase untamed I went straight to Monster market and bought 10 Untamed. I didn't have potions on my main account so I decided to open them on my alt everythingsmgirl. Yea I haven't been using potions for my chest loots. I assume they didn't work for chest loots and its better to save them for packs opening. And see I wasn't in a position of buying potions so my alt account did help me in this situation. I almost had 100 legendaries and 100 alchemy on my alt and I started opening my packs.

First pack pulled GoldFoil Rare. Good start


Second pack


And when I opened the third pack I couldn't believe it's my luck hehe :P Yea when I buy 100 packs I never got GFL and I just purchased 10 and got one so yea moment of happiness


So when luck is on roll no matter how many packs you are buying you can get Goldfoil legendary even from a single pack. Today is my day my 10 untamed opening super duper awesome.

Few more golds



Analyze Pack Openings

I wanted to analyze my 10 untamed openings. For this purpose, I used Monster market analyze-opening tool.

Here are the stats



Total 2 Legendary 1 of them Gold foil. Two rare gold 2 common. Total spent 20$ and got back 72$ means 52$ profit Noice ;)

That's all for now. Lastly, I'd say

gif sp.gif

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wow. one of the best gfls too!

06.04.2020 15:40