My Quest with Water Splinter and my Investement in Splinterlands

Heya everyone,

I am really trying to discipline my life and yep if you are determined to do something you can achieve that. So nowadays I am on early to bed and early to rise mission. XD

Alright, This post is all about my quest and my investment not about what I am up to :P so I shouldn't change the theme of the post ;)
I had to complete my quest with #MagicAttack not my favourite but still better than my death and fire deck. Right now the only madness is on my mind is to make my decks super strong.

I completed my quest easily and what I got lemme show you :P


Dang just a few decs lol yea obviously they are enough useless not even worth burning

My next investment in #splinterlands is this


Yea #TwistedJester when I use my death deck I always use this card so someone placed it on market at a very cheap price I guess 3 or 4$ something like that. I immediately bought it and see now what is its price XD


Since I use this card in my every battle so yea wanted to make it gold foil alpha so I am hoping for another good deal heh. Don't wanna buy this card in 13$ I want again 4$ :P so yea waiting

If you buy something in just 4$ and later you see its price $13 so imagine the profit. I am not into card trading thing so it is not for me to check either I am in profit or loss.

That's all, for now, see ya take care and good morning.

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