My painful story with my Today's quest

Hi there,

I am feeling really grumpy at the moment because i literally got pissed while completing my today's quest. I am still failed to understand people with level 10 cards what the hell are they doing in Diamond league they must be in the champion league lol, I am being really silly

Of course, it's my fault that i am still playing with silver-level cards

The irony of destiny is today i got battled with @akomoajong and @mango-juice and they brutally killed me :P XD
Mango and i were playing with the same deck with #life and of course, he has stronger cards see your life xawi :P XD

And Ako came up with earth deck well i was chatting with friends and totally forgot that i was seeking for an enemy when i checked I had only 15 sec to select my monsters so there is saying

Haste makes waste ;)


I am not sure what i am typing :o damn

Well the story of a quest is first i got #Death splinter i tried to play with that deck but after 1st battle, i got realised Nah xawi in Diamond 2 you won't be able to complete your quest so i changed it and then i got #Life splinter :P No choice XD

First 4 battles i won easily but the last one ufffffff🤦‍♀️


And i got all this pain for this 🤦‍♀️


This is my today's painful story see y'all goodnight feeling sleeping after all this shit.

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