Life among Monsters

Hi there,

Life among monsters is horrible i am telling you guys πŸ˜‚. I had a very tough time with my quest. I had to complete my quest with #LifeSplinter. Although my Life splinter is pretty decent when it comes to levelled monsters but you can't do anything when you get opponent with maxed legendaries. If anyone of you with maxed decks is reading this post i humbly request when you see this poor girl as your opponent then consider to flee πŸ˜‚. LOL of course joke but you can take this joke seriously :P XD

I am not complaining though just describing the circumstances i am going through. I know what is the current level of my cards so i prefer to stay in the Gold league but what happened this time? Still, 8 days in New season and i am in diamond 2 league so suffering is a must.

This is the story of that night when we were getting 700+decs for each win. So i was playing and wanted to accumulate max decs.

Well, lemme showcase what i got today after completing my quest.

My Quest Reward Cards


After a hell lot of struggle, i got one legendary so it's cool ;)

I actually wanna show my struggle while completing this quest :P

Here you go


:P XD All is well

Ok, Splinterlands recently made a new change. when you log on to the site this popup appears on your screen which is really cool i love it.


really cool update.

My investment in splinterlands

My recent investment in splinterlands is #PrinceRennyn


I bought 2 Prince Rennyn and made it to level 2 so at least now i can play silver tournaments with confidence. Two Prince Rennyn cost me 320 steem total :( hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Slowly and gradually i am increasing the level of my game.

That's all, for now, see ya take care

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06.09.2019 20:28

Even though it was a tough quest the cards were worth it. I'm pretty jealous of the Ruler of the Sea.

06.09.2019 21:42

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