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Discover new music through this slick app


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This music app is specifically for those who want to follow hyped music. yep if you are following some music blogs and want to keep following the latest trend then this app will surely help you in this regard. This app will let you check out what all the music blogs are talking about. Whether you like that music or not but still you will know of what is trending nowadays. The app is pretty handy and streamlined. So you won't face any hurdle to find out what is going on music blogs.




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06.10.2019 15:05

This is useful to discover new music and artists. play some in the background while working on other things. Bookmarked.

07.10.2019 04:33

WOW, this service brought me to a few tracks I really liked. It is not about the big artists, but about the small emerging ones. The team specifically concentrates on what is been talked about at many different communities. The tracks are linked from eg Soundcloud, Spotify and other streaming services. This is certainly a service I'm gonna use more.

Oh btw, the service is around since 2005, and is run without any investors money, since they dont want investors to keep the service evolving in a way they want this to evolve.

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07.10.2019 05:46

sounds interesting...
thanks @edje

07.10.2019 20:48


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