Hydropuzzle - Solve the Enigma in an epic puzzle story game


Solve the Enigma in an epic puzzle story game



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Hydropuzzle is a great mystery game full of thrill and suspense. This game is designed to challenge your brain nerves to figure out how fast they work :P. Though there won't be any time limit yet riddle-solving time will matter. This game has a full mysterious story line up that will completely blow your mind. So if you are quite interested in knowing what is your mind capable of then try out this puzzle game. A real brain teaser game full of riddles and mystery.




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08.09.2019 15:00

I love both puzzles and mystery. What I'really looking forward for is great execution. Limbo actually did an amazing job as a 2D puzzle platformer Monument Valley did an amazing job as a mobile game .

The game is free with no ads and the length is short to keep out the filler and boring parts. I genuinely respect the developers. Too bad it is the only game I see from the developer.

09.09.2019 00:53

I can stop playing , I really like and enjoy games like this but this one looks even better. I feel like addiction is coming and my free hours leaving. Great game hunter

09.09.2019 08:04

What a great and amazing hunt. You can find best and adventure puzzle game for us. I m bih lover of puzzles games. Solving the puzzles is to much interesting for us. Sometimes you feel bore and playing this game to concert your boring time become good and enjoyable. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

09.09.2019 11:34


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09.09.2019 15:22