How many DRAKEOFARNAK did you get?

Hello, people of splinter world wassup,

What did you get in the most recent splinterlands airdrop? what i got let me show y'all..



Drake of Arnak.png

Whoever, designed this card, has done nicely. When you look at this summoner in the card shape it gives you the feel of eww :P XD but when i saw it's png form image on the splinterlands main page it does look fine and not so bad. Well, Drake of Arnak is a rare summoner which has the +1 Armour ability. Its mana cost is 4 and i am not sure if i want to upgrade this summoner. As i have plenty of other good choices.

Anyways i need plenty of cards to upgrade this summoner so i have no interest in buying DRAKEOFARNAK. I'd rather spend my money to upgrade my current summoners :P

I had purchased only 115 packs so according to that i got 3. I was told that the probability of getting DRAKEOFARNAK is 1/24. So according to this algorithm, I've not been so lucky :P If i do the math so i should have gotten 1 more lol.

DRAKEOFARNAK is a Dragon Rare summoner. Now armour ability summoner has been added to dragon family which is nice and it would help in dragon quest. Those who have already upgraded this summoner congrats to them ;)

That's all, for now, see you all around.

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