Best Timer - Great way to measure and visualize time

Best Timer

Great way to measure and visualize time



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Turn your timer to attractive ultramodern fashion accessorysource

The all-time best timer i have ever seen. It is all-in-one best creatively combined timer application based on your all needs. It has digital hourglass along with an artistic design so you can set a time up to 60 minutes easily. To be honest i loved its current design and its graphics are just lit. It has powerful stopwatch to measure transpired time and you can even split time modes of different laps. This timer is cool though. You won't find such handy, fancy timer app which has the ability of visual speaking.


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29.09.2019 15:01

The most loving feature of this time meauring app is that it has speaking ability.
Cool app for meaurement of time.
Thanks for hunting such a nice content.

30.09.2019 13:45

Greetings @xawi,

What a splendid find......bleujay is looking forward to having a look at this unique perspective of time.

The design and colour is quite attractive.

Cool hunt.....thank you for the introduction.

Wishing you a lovely day! ^__^

30.09.2019 13:46

While it is simple some of us start to lose the concept of time when doing our hobbies or even work, the "Best Timer" is just that it's a timer to measure your time using a few different interesting ways, it does this by using graphics to visualise, these apps are great for those who work from home and want to keep a tight schedule.

30.09.2019 14:16


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