Introducing myself

Photography: Silvia Díez


Hello steemits!

My name is Xavier Duran, a photographer based on the small Mediterranean island of Ibiza.
I arrived to the island in the mid 80's, and my first job as a professional photographer was as a photojournalist, a field which I worked for about 10 years, then I moved on to the editorial world as a freelance photographer. In the course of that time I collaborated with several publishers and agencies and that led me to visit more than 30 countries, where I was initiated in such a complex speciality as it is aerial photography.

Formentera 048.jpg

A bit tired of moving up and down, at the begining of this century I decided to stay most of the time in my beloved Balearic Islands, where I currently work as an architectural and aerial photographer.
The simplicity and luminosity of the island, full of traditional white houses in the Ibicencan countryside, have been and continue to be a permanent source of inspiration for my work.


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Hey, welcome to the community! I look forward to seeing more of those cool photos 😉.

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Good morning @art-venture, many thanks for your advice and support.

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