Bespoke Steem Engine notifications in Discord | Come inside and see!

I wrote a post a few days ago titled "Piggy in the middle" | Streaming Steem Engine market to Discord | Free bot setup! under my co-owned witness account, @untersatz, with @organduo. In a nutshell, it shows token movements for tribe owners in their Discord servers. So far the @upfundme and Battle Games tribes have taken up our free offering. This handy Discord service was inspired by ausbitbank's offering.
Since implementing this nifty little informational channel, I was thinking that this could also be useful for personal Steem Engine movements as well. I'm sure most of you have heard of @ginabot for notifications in Discord, but as far as I'm aware, there is nothing yet for SE tokens. Mobile apps @partiko and @esteemapp deliver transfer notifications, as well as the browser based @steempeak, but they also don't alert or report on SE tokens (yet).

However, you can still see transactions easily using the Steem Engine Block Explorer, but of course this doesn't send you notifications.

So what I've done is written a service that can push out the following notifications for your account to our special 'Bahamas' Discord server. You will get a private text channel specifically for SE notifications. Here's what it can currently report on (examples for display purposes only):

Your market buys and sells

Stakes and unstakes

Delegations and undelegations

And of course...transfers and token issues!

How can you get this?!
Easy...leave a comment below with your Discord username and I'll reach out to you.

What's the catch?
This is a 'community service' so I can only keep it running as my own personal time allows and as funds permit. I can cease the service at anytime (but I would like to keep it going as necessary!)
I'll get to configuring your account—when I get to it...!
I'm offering this bespoke notification service pro bono, but any combination of the following would be greatly appreciated:
Witness vote for @untersatz, go to and enter untersatz at the relevant text box (as we our currently outside the top 100)
Upvote and resteem this post for visibility and support :)
An SP delegation to my account, @contrabourdon (any amount!)
Upvoting future support posts as necessary
Any STEEM/SBD or SE token donations
What's next?
I'm sure somebody else will develop a much more efficient way to integrate SE tokens into already existing frontends. So until then, enjoy this 'solution' while it's around :)

Yours truly,

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