My son my angel😌👼❤

Hello I want introduce you to my son his name is christopher is my beatiful son this baby changed my life.
Everything that happened was not easy my pregnancy it was hard,my health it wasn't right and unfurtunately it wasn't accepted as expected. There was discrimination, rejection which I had make deaf ears and keep my mind strong leaving behind what hurt me.all for my baby I wasn't going to let him suffer.
I was a stage hard. But it was worth it there hasn't been a single day that my son doea not make me happy.
I just want that my son to be happy and not go through 2hat i've been through. I know I wont't be all life with him but in life I will be for him supporting it in every step of life.
I wanted to introduce you to my angel that grew in my belly. I don't know why but as instinct of mom I feel that he will be someine special in the life.❤😌
And my message to all parents young that maybe go through difficult circumtances as rejection, even from his own family remember you are not the ones of the mistake are they who inmaturely judge. Belive that you will not be able. To show them that you do not care about opinions and move on with everything you set your mind to.

A son is the best thing that ever happened christopher you'll always be the light that lit my way.


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