Sissy Feminization

    Early in the morning I had showered, shaved my legs and body in the bathroom of a motel room in Massachusetts. I knew that I wanted to submit to a man or even several men. The idea of being dominated by force and sexually pleasuring men made my body tremble and feel girlish. After I was sure that every bit of my skin felt smooth and my tight little ass was clean, lubed and relaxed I put on a little makeup. The bright pink lipstick looked great with the matching eyeliner and leather choker. The pink panties I put on had an open back for easy access. I added pink stockings, black mini skirt, black heels and black little cut off shirt that showed my flat belly.
     I could feel my muscles throbbing inside my asshole when looked in the mirror while I clasped my silver waist chain around the slutty stomach that I am so proud of. I put my earrings on and sprayed cherry sent perfume lightly as I noticed a message on my phone.
     Are you available it said in the text with a picture of a huge cock. He was white and had a nice fat dick with a mushroom plump head that made me quiver. I responded yes daddy what are you looking for tonight. I started getting wet and excited and hoped that he would come over to my room soon.
    I was painting my toenails pink when he texted me back. He ask how much for a blow job and wanted to know if he could fuck me with out a condom. I had to push my vibrator up my butt before I responded. I moaned as my red cock shaped dildo started filling up my wet hole and stretching the rim wide with its thick girth. Slowly I eased all eight inches deep inside me with the vibration on high. Ahhh goddammit... I squeak softly with a feminine voice that gets better when I am underneath a real man.
   Yes daddy I'm available and for forty dollars you can have your way with me for a couple of hours. I will be absolutely thrilled to swallow your jizz. If you want to cum in my ass then I will love it like a good whore. I also will be happy if you are rough and make me feel like a bitch. I will also give you the entire night for 60.00.... I texted as I set up on my dildo and slid up and down on it slowly.
      I am able to have orgasms anal and often I even squirt like a girl. My ass was dripping wet and the vibrator was soaked from my juices. Ahhh fuck yeah... I said out loud sweetly just before I jizzed on my toy and all over the bed sheet. Ohhhh hell yes...yes...ahhh dammit.... I screamed as. I started going faster and looking in the mirror in front of the bed.
    The phone rang as I was about to cum again and I could see it was his number. I stopped riding the rubber cock and grabbed the phone quickly.
    Hello I said softly as the vibrator was still buzzing inside my stomach. I want you daddy I added with a sexy tone and a cute giggle.
    Will you give me a discount for two guys fucking you all night bitch he replied with a deep rude voice that made my legs shake.
     Oh yes daddy in fact I will love that... I told him. I will give you both the entire night for 100.00 or 50.00 if you have cocaine for me.
     I have meth and I'll pay you 40.00 and if we really are pleased by your service I will hire you in my house for something real good...he demanded. I want you to call us master and you must be very submissive he added harshly.
     Yes master I will enjoy letting you both make me a slut and I will also be happy to please each of you tonight.... I said with excitement. I am open to almost anything and if you want me to cook and clean in your home then I will master because I actually get turned on by pleasing men... I added with a happy tone and very girlish voice.
    Ok Amy we will be there in about thirty minutes so be ready and I expect you to greet us on your knees...he commanded firmly.
    With pleasure master I said gently as he hung up the phone. I was shaking and couldn't be more excited. I turned on some anal porn then washed up my ass cheeks. I put on lotion and checked my makeup. I smoked a little weed and waited for my men to arrive.
    When I heard the knock at the door I instantly got on my knees and said come in please. I watched as the door opened up and two very tall white men walked in. I smiled up and submitted to them with my eyes like a girl in love.
     Good girl one man said as they both approached me and shut the door. They each stood on both sides of me and looked down at me like they were mad. Suck our cocks Amy...the other man demanded with a loud deep voice that frightened me a little. Yeah bitch and show us how much you love big dick...said the other guy as I started unzipping there jeans.
    I pulled out both of there all ready getting hard tools and softly went from one to the other kissing and licking while looking up directly in each mans face surrendering to their manhood so they could see. I pulled down their pants and kept giving my full attention to them both with my wet mouth. Soon I was slobbering and moaning on each hard cock and starting taking more and more in.
    Yeah girl I can see you want us to take control of you and make you our little whore don't you bitch... I heard one man say as he pulled my head to him and forced my throat open with every inch of his massive dick until my lips had met the base and I was choking.
    Ahhh I yes master I replied as he pulled out and looked down at me like he was going to shout something. He quickly did it again and held my face to his body. I was gagging as I gently rubbed his large balls with one hand.
     Oh god that's good bitch he told me harshly as he begins to fuck my mouth and made me gag every time his thick shaft went down my throat. Suck it Amy he shouted and kept going as I looked up to him like he owned me. I knew he could see how much I enjoy being used for his satisfaction and I felt my wet ass throbbing deep inside. I soon was dripping juices from my butt and could feel it running down my legs. He gripped my head and starting vigorously plowing himself in and out my face faster and harder.
    I'm going to make you beg for my cum so many times tonight bitch he yelled as I stared up at his sweaty face while letting him fuck me in my throat like an animal. You are going to get a fucking big load bitch he told me firmly as I felt his pulse grow stronger and his cock got even harder.
    Hmmmm I moaned and hummed as he continued to make me surrender like a sissy bitch and I loved every second of it. He could tell that I was becoming more turned on by his manhood and it excited me that he was pleased.
     Goddammit girl I'm next said the other man as I noticed that he was recording me being treated like a slut on his phone. That made me jizz on myself a little. I had saliva dripping from my chin and I could barely breathe but I was falling in love with the man like a little girl.
    Oh oh yes bitch yes I heard from above just before he pulled out of my throat and held his throbbing cock in my mouth gripping my head tight as he looked at me with his eyes wide open. Open your slut mouth Amy he demanded. I didn't hesitate to do as he said and I watched him smile when he exploded a large load of sperm in my mouth and on my lips.
   The man moaned as he continued to squirt his jizz for several seconds. I gave him all of my attention looking directly up to let him know that he could have his way with me and I would enjoy all of it.
     I kept still and waited for him to drain his cock dry while the other gentlemen kept filming me. I closed my mouth just long enough to smile for the camera then I softly ask him for permission to swallow his cum.
    Look at the camera bitch he said firmly. Then you can swallow my gift he added as he watched me licking some off my chin and fingers while I enjoyed being recorded and consuming every drop of my masters hot cum. Mmmm thank you master I said sweetly just before I was forced to face the second mans penis. He wasted no time getting down to his business as I gave my full submitted attention with my hands cradling his balls.
   I love how you look up that way girl the man told me as I realized that he was a bit bigger than the first guy. I gagged some at the beginning and I liked being treated like a whore this way. He smiled each time I gagged but he didn't stop or really slow down at all.
   I want to feminize you Amy the other man said from behind me as he grabbed my ass with both hands and lifted me up at an angle. I was pulled towards both men from both my face and my ass until I was on all fours still getting my mouth fucked slow but deep.
    Oh you want us both inside you don't you said the man as he pulled his rod out of my mouth and rubbed his fat mushroom head across my lips.
    I do master I really do... I squeaked gently while looking up to him and licking his pulsing thick head softly. Please my masters make me your sissy slut and I will be so happy... I whispered then quickly licked down his big dick and kissed his balls.
    Suddenly I felt my ass being spread apart and the tip of a large cock about to penetrate me. I was starting to tremble some and I moaned in a begging soft tone. Then I opened my mouth and sucked every inch of his cock down until my chin was pressed to his balls.
   Oohhh yeah Amy....ahhh fuck yeah...he said softly as he put both his hands on the back of my head and held me there tight. Mmmmmm I moaned for him while pushing my butt towards the second mans hard dick until the head was inside me. Gently I began to rock back and fourth to give both of my masters the pleasure of knowing that I am fully submissive to them.
   Nice ... Said the man with his shaft going in and out my mouth and down my throat. He slowly took control by holding my head tight and fucking me faster. Meanwhile I started squealing and moaning loudly like a girl as eight inches of manhood was balls deep inside me from behind. I feel like a lady now and both men knew how to get me there.

    After a few minutes of being broken in from each end I felt my mouth filling up with cum and I looked up so he could see me enjoy his passionate hot juice. I watched him stand up before I put my head down to the floor and arched my ass up higher.
    Fuck me master yes ... I begged loudly. Then I spread my cheeks open with both hands for him to go deeper into my ass. I was soaked and every stroke he thrust in me splashed our juices and sounded so loud. I screamed out girlish yells and begged for him to keep fucking me. His balls slapped against my butt cheeks each time he crashed into me and it drove me crazy.
      Ahhh ahhh ahhh I'm going to cum master...oh god I squeaked out loud as I squirted jizz all over his massive huge dick.
    Fuck yeah bitch he yelled firmly and slapped my ass twice very hard. I had three more orgasms right then back to back that soaked us both. He was pounding me harder and faster now and I screamed for more as he slapped my butt cheeks several times so hard it hurt. I loved so much that I had to jizz again.
    Amy yes girl yes .... He shouted loud while turning me into a girl with his hard thrusting and dominant force. I love it master I love it... I told him while he moaned and growled like a beast. You want more bitch he said in a very hateful tone that made me want to have his baby.
     He was high on speed and kept fucking me viciously for a long time. After at least thirty minutes he finally pulled out his rock hard dick and flipped me over on my back. I grabbed his waist to pull myself closer to him as he wrapped both his hands around my neck and choked me roughly just a second before I felt his huge manhood pushing into my body.
      I looked up in his eyes as he squeezed my throat harder until I was unable to breath. He was pounding hard rough with long strokes that hurt me some but I wanted him to hurt me a little and show me he was in charge.
    I just about passed out as he let me breath a little while he still fucked me into pure submission. I kept looking up as I squirted jizz and screaming like a girl for more.
   I had multiple orgasms as he didn't slow down for almost an hour. Then he leaned down and starting kissing me passionately while fucking me deeply. I returned his kiss with joy and he filled up my belly with a lot of cum.
   We had a small break and smoked a lot of meth. Then I got a quick shower to freshen up. I could feel the mans cum still inside me as I walked out of the bathroom. I did a little more speed as I set on the bed between the men as they told me I was perfect for them to serve in their house as a full-time maid. I was told to refer to them as master John and master Jim and I would always be expected to dress feminine and sexy.
     You will preform cooking and cleaning everyday while wearing lingerie and also be prepared to get on your knees to suck each of our cocks on command anytime you are told. You must stay clean and ready to be fucked at all times. If you are not obedient you will be spanked with a paddle and punished other ways in which we choose. When we take you in public you will wear girlish clothes and a leash. Your nails, hair and makeup will be paid for each week or so... I was instructed firmly by master Jim.
    Oh yes master Jim I said pleasantly with I smile. I will be thrilled to do as told and will love every single time I'm gifted with your attention I added softly.
     Come here Amy and worship my cock with your mouth said master John as he was laying in the bed naked. I crawled over to his lap and passionately began kissing and licking his warm penis all over. I quickly noticed he was getting erect and I got so horny as I felt his shaft growing in my mouth. Oh master John your making me wet ... I told him before I went all the way down on his dick and moaned as he continued to get hard in my throat.
     Yeah bitch yes just like that...he said deeply. I gave a wet and slow blow job to him and rubbed his hips with my smooth hands showing him my dedication to his pleasure.
      We will demand a breast augmentation first thing and we will decide the size and shape for you Amy he told me as I held him in my mouth rolling my tongue around his swollen head.
    Oh master that will be great and make me happy... I said with pleasure as I looked up briefly to him.
    I got turned on and wanted them to know how happy it makes me to be feminized and transformed into their maid and sexual servant. Please fuck me I begged in a whisper.
    After a few minutes he sat up and told me to lay on my stomach and spread my legs open. I did exactly as he said and he slapped my ass several times hard and made me yelp before he sodomized me like I was hoping for.
     Oh good girl Amy he said firmly as he towered over me and fucked me deep and slow. Ahhh I moaned softly as I reached back to pull apart my tush cheeks for him. He went even further in my wet asshole until it hurt me a little.
    Oh fuck... I screamed out painfully like a bitch. Yes master fuck me like that... I added sweetly. Then he knew his long shaft had the power to subdue me. He quickly started enjoying watching me cry out and squeal while he gave me all of the rough deep dominant manhood I needed right then. I squirted jizz as he made me love the pain more and more.
     I felt the other masters sperm foam up inside me when he got faster. He kept hitting the deep spot that hurt me harder as I knew he likes to hear me screaming out loud. I couldn't hold back from getting louder and I sounded more feminine as I gave myself to him completely.
    Scream bitch he shouted at me and grabbed my waist with both of his large hands.
    Oohhh I love you master ... Take my ass .... Fuck me yeah yeah.... I cried out and I cum for him two times.
  Pow pow pow and splashing was almost as loud as me. He moved off of me suddenly and master Jim quickly took over in his place. I invited him with my hands pulling open my ass.
      Oh god yes I yelled out when I felt the extra inch or so that he thrusted deeper than I had ever felt. He seemed to be pleased with himself when he watched me scream louder for him. I cried tears in pain as I let him break me for his excitement.
     Tell me you love me bitch he yelled in a scary tone.
    I love you master and I love pleasing you.... I yelled in pain as he started pulling my hair back and fucking me roughly.
     Oh yes master I squeaked over and over as he pulled hard and moaned deep like a bear.
   They switched of four more times during the next hour until I was ravaged and filled with both of their sperm. I rested for a few minutes and was told to gather my things and go get in the car.
     We stopped to get my nails done and get new lingerie plus some other clothes and makeup. Then we went to have my tongue pierced too. I was ready to cook dinner in my new french maid outfit for my masters.
    On the way to the house master Jim informed me that I would be cooking for them and a guest this evening and I was to wear the maid lingerie and that the guest would be fucking me in the kitchen with them.
     After we arrived and I was given a heavy dose of meth and quickly got dressed. Then I went to the kitchen and started the soup and sandwiches.
     Ten minutes later I had soup boiling and the oven on medium for the sandwiches when all three men walked in. Master John told me to keep stirring the soup and he pushed my legs apart and started fucking me from behind.
     They all took turns with my ass for about 15 minutes then told me to serve the food. I brought each of the gentlemen their meals with a smile.
      Get under the table and suck our guests dick bitch said master Jim demandingly.
     He was a very big black man and his cock was massive. When I actually held it and seen how big he was I was excited to be on my knees. He got erect fast and was much thicker than I ever seen. It was several minutes before I could get my mouth open wide enough for his girth. I choked and gagged every time I tried to go down and deep throat the massive cock
     Suddenly I felt his hand on the back of my head and starting to quiver. Then he shoved his tool to the back of my throat while forcing me down. I couldn't breathe and was choking loud. He kept gagging me and fucked me like a whore as I slobbered and choked. My eyes teared up and all I could hear was myself making a clak clak clak sound. He raped my mouth for about five minutes until I was choking on his sperm that he left in the back of my throat.
     Oh yeah bitch how did you like that... He ask with a mean voice.
     Mmmm I said sweetly and smiled up while catching my breath.
    Good....because you're going to get the pleasure of my dick again after dinner.
    I'll be all yours I replied before getting up to clear the table. When all the plates were in the sink master John pulled me to his lap and told me to ride him. I sat down on his cock and I squeaked and moaned as I bounced up and down like a slut and jizzed right before he squeezed my ass and cum inside me.
      Bend over the table you little slut and call me daddy when I'm beating down that tight white ass...said the guest as he walked up to me with his cock hard. He pushed me down over the table holding me down pressing his hand on my back. I felt the other hand on my left butt cheek.
     Oh daddy I said like a scared girl and my body was trembling beneath him. Then he stuck his big fingers in my wet butt and shoved cocaine up inside me. Next he easily began to put the head of at least ten inches of manhood. In and out just with the very thick tip I almost had to jizz.
    Ah ah dammit daddy that feels so fucking good I exclaimed sweetly as I relaxed my muscles and pushed backwards with my ass. I slid down taking him into me looking back at him.
    Yeah white bitch get it... He shouted and laughed as he slapped my ass. I wiggled around his dick while squeezing with my inside as he pushed further and further until it feels like he is splitting me in half. At first it did not hurt and I had a very intense orgasm.
      Oh yes bitch you love my black dick up your asshole yeah I see girl...he shouts aggressively. Ahhh daddy I whispered and cum again.

     He was excited watching me and started moving faster.  He took my arms and pulled them around my back giving him harder thrust. I squealed in pain for less than two minutes then he broke something inside me and a screamed in tears. He slowed down for maybe four seconds and before the pain was gone and he plowed everything he had in me. Moaning and shaking from pure ecstasy and he knows I'm loving it.   
       Daddy ahhh daddy oh fuck I'm going to jizz again....ohhh fuck me....fuck yes.....I yelled. I squirted everywhere several times as he fucked me.
        Yeah turn around he demanded as he pulled out of my body and spun me around. I instantly go to my knees with my mouth open and looking directly in his eyes. I felt so weak before him and wanted him to know. He grins while putting his dick on my tongue and jacking off.
     Here bitch take my cum bitch he demanded when he sprayed a hot load in my mouth. Ahhh yea he shouted as I wait for permission to swallow.
   He slapped me with his dick across my face and around my lips for a few seconds. I blink three times in a sissy girlish fashion so he can see me surrender to him. His eyes got big and he put his cock back in my mouth.
    Suck bitch he told me as he shoved it further in. I closed my lips and let him have his way. Mmmm I hum as he made his cum foam up in my mouth with every stroke. He started getting hard again and I'm looking up surprised as he started making his way in my throat.
     The foamy cum drips of my chin and runs down my throat and I gag more and more as he fucked my throat deeper.
     This won't take long slut he shouted. Glak glak glak glak I choked on his girth. He finally got his balls on my chin and continued fucking my face.
     In a few seconds he sprayed more cum in my face. I felt sexy and horny watching him treat me like a slut.
    Suddenly he put the head of his dick on my lips and told me to suck the tip. With no hesitation I sucked the entire shaft dry.
     Oh hell yeah...he said as he walked away to the living room. I was all alone to clean the kitchen so I smoked meth and washed dishes.

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