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This week’s upcoming raid, Race to World First in World of Warcraft , presents a number of firsts for the raiding scene in Blizzard Entertainment’s massively multiplayer online video game.

But perhaps the most significant new element to the scene is the fact that numerous top guilds will be broadcasting. In the past, esports organization Method has streamed world first efforts with massive success in terms of viewership, and now other guilds are looking to capitalize on the market for the race as a commercial event.

The expansion of the race as a commercial entity doesn’t come without its complications, though. For about 14 years, raid races have taken place every time Blizzard releases a new WoW raiding instance, and each time, the race is an organic, grassroots event driven by the community of players who participate in it.

While Method looked to revolutionize that when it began streaming its part in the race starting last year, the group’s owner and co-founder Scott “Sco” McMillan saw a potential conflict with the future of the race if it continues to become more and more commercialized.

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