Trek Rail 9.9 - A long travel electric bike for mountain riding

Trek Rail 9.9

A long travel electric bike for mountain riding


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Hunter's comment

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Trek Rail 9.9 electric bike is designed for mountain biking. Thanks to it's ultra light carbon fiber frame, RockShox suspension setup and the best e-MTB drive system, it delivers great mountain biking experience.

  • Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX, 250 Watt, 75Nm, magnesium body
  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube, 625Wh, Removable
  • Bosch Kiox with Anti-theft solution


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09.02.2020 15:08

wow this bike out look is very stylish and cool.hope this are well modified with more facilities. bike lovers easily choice this. thanks for share.

09.02.2020 15:31

Very cool hunt @xabi. but I can buy a car at that price. When BTC hits 100k I will splurge. What a BIKE! sweeeeet!

09.02.2020 20:28

0.625 KWh battery is huge. Very smart and strong looking electric bike as well

10.02.2020 01:55

This seems truly powerful that would be able to run on the Mountain and I would love to explore jungle and mountain in an eco-friendly way.

10.02.2020 04:20

specs are brilliant and whenever, I have gone trekking, I have always wanted to explore the option of biking and i know many other like me. traditional bikes require lot of stamina and strength where an e-bike like this can help so many people bike on difficult terrains, and enjoy their exploration experience.

10.02.2020 05:16

this electric bike looks very powerful and removable battery makes this bike more reliable. most good this is that it has a good anti theft system... over all this electric bike is goood..

10.02.2020 05:47

WoW high performance heavy duty and powerful e bike. I love e bikes as it is a more convenient way of travelling short distances. This bike has many cool features and with futuristic design too. Build for extreme mountain bickering and normal commuters. Excellent Search

10.02.2020 06:43

What a great and amazing hunt. Electric bikes very popular and useful in the world. I am watching the gif of your hunt and decided to comment it because its awesome. Electric technology helps us to save our fuel. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

10.02.2020 09:36

I always love to explore nature this bike can help me to do such things and this is very light in weight and i love this because it run on electricity.

10.02.2020 12:47

Wow! What a great type of bicycle you have searched. I have seen many types of bicyles but this very comfortable to drive on mountains. We can also get a wondeful experience by using this. By seeing the features of this, the person using this cant get tired very easily. Thank for sharing. Good Hunt!

10.02.2020 13:06

since childhood it was my dream to have electric cycle but it was too expensive :/

10.02.2020 13:08

Amazing gift for adventurer. The bike is lighter in weight and has good suspension. By the way what is the price of this bike?

10.02.2020 13:19

I love the performance this Ebike offers. It's rugged and powerful allowing it's riders to go virtually anywhere. I would love to have an ebike like this!! Awesome. Nice hunt! :)

10.02.2020 13:41

Trek Railbike for hikers oh it sounds pretty cool and nice. One more thing don't use neoxian tag on hunts. He has muted this tag :P better use something else :P

10.02.2020 13:46

Trek Rail 9.9 electric bike seems a great product and its design looks solid for mountain ride. Impressive hunt

10.02.2020 14:04

I was looking for something like this which helps me to visit space with the rough surfaces specially the mountain area, the tyres are made of good quality. It is also electric which is another good quality of this bike.

10.02.2020 14:05

I like biking a lot and the one I have is advanced but not the electric one. I liked this one very much and might consider buying it. Great hunt

10.02.2020 14:09

Racing over the mountains always be a thrilling game for everyone and this game is made for especially braveheart. Its structure is looking very attractive and unique that helps them for smooth racing. No doubt this is amazing technobase wireless electronic components.

10.02.2020 14:22

It's a fantastic bike for mountain biking as it is durable and robust to give you a perfect riding adventure experience. Elegantly designed it is a great bike to enjoy your adventures on mountains. Great hunt.

10.02.2020 14:26


  • Electric.
  • Good battery timing.
  • Eco friendly.
  • fast charging.


  • non
10.02.2020 14:26

This bike will be very good for all mountaineers. Especially those that also love to have experience of riding bikes. This is a nice hunt.

10.02.2020 14:43


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