TouchSocket - A New Way to Interact with your Phone


A New Way to Interact with your Phone


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TouchSocket is a behind the phone multi touch controller with an oled display that will transform the way you interact with your phone.
Having TouchSocket is like having an extra touchpad for navigating your mobile apps, maps and games.
It also acts as second screen for alarms, reminders and notifications.


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05.10.2019 15:05

This is really amazing. One thing I don't like about smartphones is that the control schemes are so limited. I love the feel of a good game console that can get many stuff done with little effort. I don't need too many hand holding. I love the added control TouchSocket provide. It's even stylish and you can use it as as smart watch or even a pocket watch!

05.10.2019 15:54

I wonder how using this will feel on my fingers. This is so great and will change the way we all interact with our phones with its multi touch controller. Nice

05.10.2019 17:51

I am fully agreed with @d-zero on all accounts, this is a brilliant idea and an excellent products. I think, no one has offered this tech so far other than them, I might be wrong though. Excellent find.

06.10.2019 01:58

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This device will our experience even more easier and I wanted such device that allows me to swap apps and side from back side. It has Oled display and it phone holder as well. It is Master Piece and I would love to have one. Can you tell me something about its price?

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

06.10.2019 02:00

This can really turn out to be a good control for the games as the physical game buttons really enhance your gaming experience....

06.10.2019 02:21

i do think it is a different way to interact but i am also thinking how will i make full use of it. any thoughts? i mean there are widgets for music players, clocks, alerts etc that one can use to do what one would do with this (as per pics). interaction on this is same as on a smartwatch, but there are added benefits to a smartwatch

06.10.2019 05:38

$129 seems to be very high, we can almost buy a good phone in that in India :)

06.10.2019 05:45

WoW it looks amazing companion for our smart phone this product definitely makes it more convenient when we need to zoom in or out, rotate, scroll or we need to navigate our device in addition it's secondary screen shows reminders, notifications on top of that it quickly transforms into a wrist watch, pocket watch or controller. Awesome Find

06.10.2019 06:16

This TouchSocket is cool idea to interact with the smartphone and it also works a tool to hold the phone. I like the overall features of this tiny device but I think price seems to a bit on the higher side. Nice hunt.

06.10.2019 09:19

I use similar looking phone holder which is pasted on back cover of my phone but this this is not a device. This is good and cool device. I liked it and best of all it has screen and I can control music as well. Thanks.

06.10.2019 09:27

This is a cool one. I just want to know if this is phone specific or works with all phone brands and models. Cool hunt

06.10.2019 11:58

Great Hunt! Pretty cool touch socket for smartphones that give us a lot of cool features to control our smartphones in an easy way from this small device sounds good

06.10.2019 14:40


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