The Tranquility Pod - Enjoy peaceful sleep like in you your mom's arm

The Tranquility Pod

Enjoy peaceful sleep like in you your mom's arm


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This is the pod that uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the body, mind, and spirit to a tranquil state of relaxation.

Looking for stress relief and a peace sleep like children???
The Tranquility Pod is designed to help you sleep better . It is uniquely constructed to cancel 90% of the surrounding noise and plays soothing music. It is also equipped with memory foam and 50 surround led which change color as per your command to get you in perfect sleeping mood.


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your hunt is appreciated

06.07.2019 17:10

I love being relaxed and it shows that this product would help. It feels quite comfortable and interesting to sit in such pod

07.07.2019 00:47

This is indeed a very good looking pod, I can see myself spending hours and hours just relaxing and forgetting everything

PD: You should find another link, cause Hammacher it's an e-commerce site.

07.07.2019 03:04

Looking so good & relexable. Everyone interested siting on this pad for taking peaceful sleep. I wish I also get it out and took experience. Great find.

07.07.2019 06:42


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07.07.2019 10:46


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