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UV Sterilization Portable Ball

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Hunter's comment

Sterb is a small portable UV sterilization ball. It uses low intensity UV rays to kill bacterias and algae and keeps your surroundings germ free.

  • Durable and waterproof
  • 99% sterilization
  • Multiple use cases


Sterb, emitting 405nm blue light and low-intensity UV-A light is to completely eliminate fungus/mold, bacteria, algae, and their spores,which can be use in the room, refrigerator, humidifier, etc., creating a perfect living space.



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Comments 12

Nice product to keep your surroundings germ free. Every home deserves Sterb. What is the price?

16.08.2019 20:12

Great hunt @xabi! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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16.08.2019 22:46

I get this is a good way to sterilize stuff, and personally, I like this one. But guys! Beware that some stuff should not be sterilized otherwise it will not work/be normal. For example, if you wanna make yoghurt... cheese, etc... anything that has dormant/live enzymes, bacterias, etc... Some life stuff is meant to be alive, and if you sterilize it, you kill it! and therefore, does not work anymore! =) same thing with beer, and all fermentation stuff.

17.08.2019 05:30

Amazing, It allow you to save water, you also save electricity, and of course you also save time too. Outstanding Hunting

17.08.2019 06:05

This's is really cool! This can be a real problem solver. We can get rid of the bacterias easily anywhere anytime. I would love to know the price of such a thing. Nice find!

17.08.2019 10:19

Great and innovative product. Germ gives many bad effect on our health. This portable ball gives you protection to clean jams at your home. Every home need this great product. I m also purchasing this product.

17.08.2019 10:59

Wow. Amazing small UV sterilization ball. Killing bacteria with innovative way. I see it durable and keeps your surroundings germ free.

17.08.2019 14:40

Wao it looks just like a little lighting ball but function is awesome and can save use frim many diseases and save our money and time to sterlize water from other methods.

17.08.2019 14:41

A good way to sterilize stuff. I live this. Germs make bad effect and this would very helpful to kill becteria.

17.08.2019 14:47

Like the hotel use case. Even deluxe hotels sometimes could do with an improvement in their room maintenance. I could use Sterb@xabi
Useful Hunt. Thank you.

17.08.2019 14:57

A tiny, compact yet a powerful product to be in a good and healthy state. Well done.

17.08.2019 14:57


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