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Splinterlands: Some Smart Strategies/Adjustments to Improve the Earnings


Greetings Splinterlands Players!!!!

Today, I am gonna talk about how to improve your Steem Monster Earnings.

Steem Monsters rewards the players with Reward Cards and Dark Energy Crystal(DEC), upon completing season, daily quests, winning ranked battles & tournaments. Hoverever, there are some smart moves and adjustments that a user can make to maximise his/her earnings.

1. Rent

There is a rental market where a user can rent his/her desired cards for a specific period of time to build a stronger battle deck and ultimately climb up the leagues, win tournaments & earn better rewards(cards+dec). Or user can also lease his/her unused cards to other users to earn the premium.

Rental Market

Renting cards is especially favored if user is low on budget and can't afford to buy a whole bunch of alpha, epic, legendary and gold foil cards.


2. DEC Capture Rate

Paying close attention to your DEC capture rate and managing it efficiently can also improve your dec earnings. DEC capture rate depletes by 2% for every ranked battle user plays and regenerates by 20% every 24 hrs, meaning a user can play 10 battles everyday safely without outrunning the daily dec regeneration rate. So it is not advisable to play all the daily battles straight up, instead user should play ranked battle in intervals of 2-4 hr allowing continuous parallel DEC regeneration improving the DEC rewards. The interval varies from user to user, depending upon time he/she spends online.


3. Alpha/Promo and Gold Card Bonus

There is also DEC bonus(5%) if user includes at least one Alpha/Promo and one Gold foil card in his/her battle deck. So try owning/renting some Alpha/Promo and Gold foil card for use in battles.


So, what do you think about the above tactics? If you have other cool methods of improving rewards earning please share in comment below.


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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